Deciding which strains to grow outdoors each year is a big decision.

From dense and bushy one-hitter quitter indica’s to holy grail hybrids that offer a great finishing product but take a little longer to finish, choosing which strains to plant outdoors each year can make or break your garden come harvest season. Depending on where you live, trying to run those landrace sativa’s can leave you kicking yourself come October when you’re far from being done and the rains are quickly approaching. Unless you have an indoor garden or greenhouse to move them into, you’ll be stuck fighting the powdery mildew and mold and sadly be left with a very disappointing harvest.

This is why I recommend running Early Finishing indica’s and Indica-dominant hybrids for outdoor growing. They are easier to manage and take less time to be ready to have potent top shelf dank once Autumn is upon you. Now, these are the strains I myself will be growing this season. They are all flowers that I can depend on being done in time as I live in the Pacific Northwest and if your girls aren’t done by early October, you’re left fighting the rains which in my opinion is a losing battle. That is unless you’re able to move the girls inside under electric light to finish. Below is my list of go-to strains for 2019.

1.) Obama Kush (Indica): I have always found the Obama Kush to be a hearty strain that doesn’t burn easily and will produce wonderful results outdoors, especially in a short growing season (May-Oct). Once harvest rolls around you’re left with sticky, dense buds that will leave you more than pleased when it comes to its grape, diesel goodness that not only stinks up the neighborhood but packs a heavy punch to the dome. Obama Kush is most definitely a must have in the outdoor garden.

obama kush strain

2.) Cherry Pie (Indica Dominant Hybrid): Cherry Pie is a delight as it combines two of my faves, Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison to create a delectable hybrid that finishes in usually 7-8 weeks making it perfect for short outdoor grows. With it’s delicious earthy, berry flavors and a high without a ceiling, this a perfect strain to cultivate for 2019.

cherry pie strain

3.) Blueberry (Indica): Blueberry is not only easy to grow but produces some delicious fruits. One of those strains that many consider “Legendary”, blueberry is a heavy indica that has roots tracing back to the late ’70s. If you can get your hands on a true cut of her, don’t miss your shot of adding it to your stable. Known for helping with pain relief and insomnia, the Blueberry will do the trick and in less than 7-8 weeks.

blueberry strain

4.) Dutch Treat (Indica Dominant Hybrid): The Dutch Treat is the perfect strain for the outdoor grower. With her nice fat stalks that produce sticky mind-numbing buds, the Dutch Treat has quickly become a favorite for growers throughout the world. With her heavy pine and earthy flavors, she is a delicious treat that usually is done within 8 weeks and always packs a hefty punch.

dutch treat strain

5.) Afghani Kush (Indica): The Afghani is, in my opinion, the best overall strain to cultivate outdoors as well as the most potent possible option available. Heavy dense cola’s that finish around 7 weeks makes her the perfect option for the novice outdoor grower. She does not burn and stays small enough to manage without becoming too big. The Afghani will be a crowd pleaser that will have your friends asking you, “What is this stuff!?”, come harvest time.

Afghani strain

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