Spring break is here and summer vacation is calling your name. Plan an unforgettable trip to one of the many cannabis-friendly cities across the world. With any luck, the legalization trend will continue to include more cities across the world.

Although cannabis may be legal for people over the age of 21, airports and commercial airlines do not allow cannabis. Yes, LAX may be the exception to this rule but even though you can have a small amount of cannabis at the airport, TSA can still confiscate it.

Don’t plan on bringing edible or smokable souvenirs home. Likewise, sending yourself (or anyone) pot by mail is still considered a federal crime. Instead, live in the moment and indulge while your vacation.


Our neighbors to the north recently made news for running out of weed after legalizing recreational marijuana in October. Since then, they’ve learned the lesson of supply and demand and are creating a booming green scene.

Not sure where to go? To help solidify the country’s now legal weed scene, weed tourism companies are offering upscale experiences for out-of-towners or locals looking to rediscover their city. It won’t be hard to find dispensaries in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver but more rural cities may not be as weed-weed-friendly.

Enjoy easy-to-use public transportation in Vancouver coupled with Pacific Northwest weather and enough dining options to satisfy any case of the munchies. But be warned that your MMJ recommendation probably won’t do you any good across the border.


Looking for a tropical getaway? According to Forbes, wellness tourism is a growing industry in Jamaica. All you need is a valid medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor and you’ll be able to partake in the island’s weed scene. This accommodating stance is a draw for US and international tourists looking to partake in Jamaican strains while enjoying picturesque beaches.

Get down with Rastafarian culture and take a tour of some of the island’s spacious ganja plantations with prices ranging from budget-budget-friendly to downright luxurious. Cannabis has been legal since 2015 so you’ll have your pick of strains in this well-established cannabis scene.


Enjoy legally lighting up in smoking club if you can get in. These exclusive membership-only clubs allow smoking but are not easy for tourists to gain access to, according to some reports. Spain decriminalized growing weed in 2015 but is still slow to allow public consumption.

But, if you can score an invite to one of the country’s more than 700 smoking clubs, prepare to be impressed. This art-inspired club has produced three proprietary cannabis strains and fosters a creative community for Spanish smokers. The membership fees for these social clubs help fund the cultivation of members-only cannabis and maintain the location.

While Spain might be hit-or-miss for the casual cannabis tourist, it could still be a stop on a Euro-tour that includes a visit to one of Amsterdam’s notoriously cannabis-friendly coffee shops.


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