So I’ve been looking for a nice stealthy device to puff some shatter and wax on the low.

I’ve owned many Atmos and YoCan atomizers that do just fine but I wanted to try something new. I started doing some research and decided to try out an atomizer called “This Thing Rips.” Now I know, the name is funky but this atomizer is special. Not only does it create thick vapor, it is beyond stealthy. Now the price of $40 USD was on the high side for just an atomizer without a battery so I was a bit hesitant, but after using the This Thing Rips for the past 2 weeks I can say it is a must have for the stoner on the run. The extract chamber is deep and allows for a healthy amount of wax or shatter to be loaded. As for hit strength this puppy puts off thick plumes of vapor and gives the user a healthy rip just likes its name states. Along with having a nice chamber that doesn’t leak, it also offers a very smart pen cap that goes over the atomizer and chamber to make it look just like a pen when in your pocket.

I went with the double ceramic coil (R2 Series Gen 3) and was extremely pleased with the performance but I would recommend it only be used for thicker hashes, waxes and shatter vs. Oils as they may leak. This Thing Rips also offers quartz and titanium coil versions along with all in one battery kits that ranges from $40-80 USD. They also honor a warranty if purchased through an official dealer.

Overall I was very happy with this device as it worked amazing right out of the box and gave me no issues. It provided me with superb hits and was also extremely easy to clean as I let the coil soak in a dish with rubbing alcohol and salt and was able to clean it with a Q-Tip within an hour, working just fine after allowing it to dry. It was beyond stealth and simple to work. Now I was able to use this Atomizer with my Vuber Pilot battery and it worked great at the lowest and medium levels. Using the atomizer at the highest red setting left a tiny bit of a burnt taste in my mouth. In the end, I definitely recommend the This Thing Rips atomizer. They offer both quartz and ceramic options along with battery options. I plan on testing out their “Stok” Titanium version soon, so I’ll have a review on that coming soon.

this thing rips atomizer

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