Before last week, I didn’t even know that CBD-infused soap existed. It didn’t seem like an absurd idea, I just hadn’t thought of it before. Then when I saw it on the online menu of one of my local dispensaries, I was immediately intrigued by the idea. I was also fond of the $10 price tag. Which isn’t to say that I regularly spend $10 on my body wash, because I don’t. But I recognize that a CBD-infused anything is going to cost a little more than the average product. With that in mind, I felt that it was a reasonable price for CBD-infused soap.

What all is inside of CBD-infused soap?

Wildflower’s CBD-infused soap has coconut oil, 30mg of CBD oil, Essential Oils (lavender and vanilla), and Lye. According to their website, coconut oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal; lavender and vanilla essential oils are antibacterial, can help treat acne, and may improve blood circulation; CBD oil helps treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and sunburns; and finally, Lye is highly alkaline to help manage the soap’s PH (source).

Is it worth the hype (and the price)?

First of all, the smell alone is delicious enough to warrant a $10 splurge on a single bar of soap. Admittedly, I’m a little biased. Lavender and vanilla are my two most favorite scents in the entire world besides lemon and pine. It’s the combination of a comforting, flowery scent and an enchanting, warm scent that really knocks this soap out of the park. I mean, the guys at the dispensary were gushing about it as soon as I told them what I was looking for. They were also excited for me to buy it.

Basically, this soap is bomb AF.

Now that I’ve used it, I totally get it

After I had taken the soap out of its box and inhaled its glorious scent, and snapped an IG worthy picture, I took the soap into the shower. I was so excited to try it that I skipped washing my hair and went straight for my loofah. I wanted my body to smell as good as the soap ASAP.

Almost as soon as the soap touched the fibers of my loofah it erupted with big, sopping suds. I love suds. It’s almost a sensory problem for me if shampoos and/or body washes or soaps don’t make suds. Even if I’m technically clean, I don’t actually feel clean without them.

Then, some of the soap accidentally got in my hair, and it kept sudsing up! Normally I would freak out because my hair is really sensitive, but I wasn’t bothered by it in the slightest. The suds felt softer than my shampoo ever had. When I combed my hair after my shower, it didn’t seem as tangled as it usually is. That and the fact that my hair smelled like lavender and vanilla left me satisfied with the soap.

Would I recommend CBD-fused soap to my friends?


Also, I’ll admit that the soap didn’t seem to do anything for my muscle aches or pains. Although I had hoped it might, with only 30mg, I wasn’t actually getting my hopes up. On the other hand, it did put me in a very relaxed state of mind. It helped that I had smoked a few hours before the shower, but I think it was the lavender and vanilla essential oils that relaxed me.

I used this soap to wash my husband’s back and he said it didn’t do anything for his muscle tension either. However, he did say that he really liked it. Which is good, because he’s very picky about what he will/will not wash his body with. He doesn’t like how some soaps seem to leave an oily residue on his skin. He said that this soap didn’t do that to him and that he would use it again.

Oh, and for anyone that is sensitive/allergic to flowery scents, I would recommend that they buy the vanilla-only version of the soap.

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