The cannabis culture is changing and growing, and with it, the lifestyle looks. Long gone are the days of dorm-style posters and generic tapestries, if you just know where to look. Loving cannabis and wanting to proudly make your home known to be a 420-friendly zone doesn’t mean you have to look like you just learned how to roll a joint and Mom is letting you hang that Led Zeppelin poster next to your Rasta flag. Thanks to Etsy, Pinterest, and Amazon, you can get some sweet weed decor that won’t make you feel juvenile.

A molecule wall hanging of THC or CBD is intriguing and mysterious enough to spark some conversation. Especially cool for the science lover who lights up. Perfect for modern style homes!

Framed vintage illustrations of cannabis leaves in clumped groups on the wall give off an adorable bohemian vibe. They’re great to set the tone alongside other classical framed illustrations of trippy art like Alice in Wonderland, Hieronymous Bosch, or Alphonse Mucha.

Pot leaf printed designs on basic items, like this adorable clock are a more direct way to proclaim cannabis pride. However, with customizable color and pattern, you can get create a whole matching look based on your other furniture.

A marijuana patterned pillow is a fun statement piece that is a must for a cozy, tempting couch or bed that is welcomed to be smoked on.

A subtle lampshade gives off precious almost-tacky grandma vibes for the stay-in stoner mom inside us all. Or maybe you need a perfect little bedside lamp that reads your usual bedtime mood: blazed.

A joint print will look sweet on any pastel wall, or perhaps some crazy melting colors to stare into while ripping the water pipe, or maybe a strange collage to capture the best of both moods.

If you have a sense of humor and style, why not go for a devil print that might alarm your God-fearing friends, but put them at ease with its sweet smile.

If you’re a little loud, or just need a strong statement piece to pop some color in a dull room, this psychedelic rug speaks volumes.

A floor poof with a fun covering makes a far better alternative to the floor for smoke circles with your best bud, and adds a worldly flair to any living room.

Any true stoner knows the importance of a hot shower, or better yet, CBD-infused bath, so having a quality shower curtain to space off into is integral. Perhaps an alien friend is your style, or black and white mystical doodles, or a nautical-themed mandala.

For my big budget friends looking to redo their entire furniture sets, quality hemp furniture is available here and here. This Home Depot headboard is an especially surprising find. 

And to go on top of it, why not add a pretty pot-leaf throw or a thicker blanket for chilly nights. Another version features the vintage botanical art if you have a lot of houseplants to match.

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