Last week I realized that Valentine’s Day was … well … this week. I had no idea what I would get for my husband because we can’t really afford to each buy the other something. So I suggested that we buy something that we could both use: CBD-infused lube.

What’s the difference between CBD-infused lube and regular lube?

Before my laparoscopy early-January 2019, having sex was very often a physically painful experience for me because I have endometriosis. Endometriosis is thought to be a fairly common chronic condition. claims that an estimated 1 in 10 women has endometriosis (source). The chronic condition can cause an array of issues, but intense pelvic pain during periods, pain with sex, and pelvic pain in-between periods are the most commonly reported symptoms.

From my understanding, CBD-infused lube is intended to do what a CBD-suppository might do. It’s kind of like a local anesthetic. When it’s concentrated in one area, it does the most good in that area. So whether you’re having vaginal or anal penetrative sex, CBD-infused lube should, theoretically, relax the area and also reduce any pain/inflammation.

Regular lube doesn’t do that.

Unfortunately, even if this CBD-infused lube does help with pain, I may or may not notice the difference now that I’ve had laparoscopic surgery to combat my endometriosis. I haven’t had pain during sex since the surgery, with or without the lube. Which means I can’t really speak to that aspect anymore. However, I would love to hear about your experiences with CBD-infused lube to help with pain/inflammation.

What’s in the dropper bottle? technically lists the ingredients as “grapeseed oil + coconut oil + sensual essential oils plus + magic”. Having used the product, I think that the “sensual essential oils” are peppermint, mint, and/or menthol. Maybe cinnamon? I’m not sure. But when I’ve used store-bought lube with essential oils in the past, my genitals were not happy. When I used this lube, there was no irritation.

Additionally, for those interested in anal penetrative sex with silicone toys, I think that this lube would be a good alternative to silicone lube. It has a viscosity (i.e., thickness and stickiness) somewhere between oil-based lubes and silicone based lubes. It’s not as thick as other oil-based lubes that I’ve tried, but it’s also not quite as thin as silicone based lube.

What was it like?

This might sound weird, but for some reason, I really like that it comes in a dropper bottle. I feel like a super sexy scientist who is experimenting with love (LOL).

Also, it felt really good. As I mentioned earlier, I have used lubricants with essential oils in the past with mixed — mostly negative — results. Those lubricants messed with my genital PH pretty badly. Same with whatever lubricant is used on Durex condoms. Once my PH level is out of whack, the skin around my genitalia gets extremely irritated and so very uncomfortable. So that’s no fun.

The Cannabombz personal lubricant did not cause any irritation whatsoever. My husband and I were quite aware of the effects of the essential oils, but they never crossed the barrier into “burning, stingy, itching”. I’m pretty sure that is because Cannabombz products are infused with herbs that are homegrown in the owner’s personal garden.

Admittedly, I didn’t really look at the ingredients before I placed my order. With all of my skin sensitivities, I probably should have. But it didn’t feel necessary. The owner of Cannabombz also has issues with extremely sensitive skin. So I trust that her products are safe for my skin as well. It helps that I’ve used her bath bombs without issue.

Would I buy this again?

Cannabombz lubricant is infused with 500mg of CBD as well as grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and essential oils. None of those ingredients are cheap on their own. Which is why it costs $25 per ounce.

When I compared the Cannabombz lube to lubricant being sold at dispensaries in my area, the Cannabombz had the highest value per ounce.

A 1oz bottle of THC-infused lubricant sells for $30 to $50. Fairwinds, a major cannabis tincture manufacturing company in Washington state, put 140mg of THC and 30mg of CBD (170mg total) in their 1oz bottles. Which means that I can spend the same price on Cannabombz lubricant, receive a product with a higher concentration of CBD-infused oil per ounce, and support an independently owned and operated business.

That’s my long-winded way of saying, yes, I would buy this lubricant again. However, it might be a while because this lube is reserved for super special sexy times, like Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, birthday, and whatever other situations we decide to label as “super special”.

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