Weed and lube: two seemingly unrelated categories that each carry their own stigmas. Without bemoaning the state of sexual education in the US, suffice it to say that drug awareness and sex-for-pleasure are, for many, gaps in knowledge that are all too often filled by misinformation. What unites the way that we tend to think about sexual health and cannabis consumption, though, is the fact that pleasure for its own sake is rarely a topic of conversation. And that’s to say nothing about how the pleasure and wellbeing of people with vaginas are sidelined in the great sex and drug debates of our time.

So, just in time for Valentine’s Day, let’s get the lowdown on one of the most exciting developments in non-psychoactive cannabis use: using THC as a topical on your nethers. Weed lube—the most popular of which is made by the California company Foria—is gaining traction for its “sensual enhancement” properties. Unlike a traditional lubricant, this is meant to be applied pre-coitus: four to eight sprays to the clitoris, labia, and vagina (where absorption is highest). Unbeknownst to most, the vagina and vulva are one of the most absorbent membranes of the body, making them ideal testing sites for the power of THC to do things other than get you totally blazed.

Just like with edibles, vaginas need a bit of time to let the high properly sink in. Companies like Foria, Quim Rock, and Velvet Swing suggest you apply their product 15-45 minutes before masturbating or having sex in order to allow the effects to take hold.
So: to the climax (sorry, couldn’t help myself): does weed lube work? While your mileage may vary, my experiences with Foria have been pretty revolutionary. With use, my body feels prepped to jump between the sheets—I’m more naturally lubricated and notice a distinctly heightened sensitivity. Every touch feels more deliberate and radiating. Others report longer and more intense orgasms: one user even scientifically charted the force and length of her masturbation seshs with and without pot lube to highlight its effects.
I’ve probably piqued your interest at this point, so let’s get down and dirty with the how-to deets:
  1. Each weed lube is different. Foria, my tried-and-trusted brand, is coconut oil based. While this is a great choice for overall vaginal health, oil can degrade latex and is therefore not compatible with many types of condoms, so choose a latex-free variety if this is your go-to brand. Brands like Velvet Swing, on the other hand, are water-based, making them safe for latex use.
  2. Different brands have different dosages. Check out your preferred brand’s instructions and take note of the effects of different dosing amounts. Just like any other form of cannabis use, it may take a few tries to figure out your perfect dose.
  3. Since this good stuff’s got THC, weed lube isn’t available everywhere. With the loosening of anti-cannabis laws, let’s hope that better sex and better bud come hand-in-hand!
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