Being a lover of cannabis in its pure, original form, I’m fairly new to the CBD game. We know how helpful it is in seizure stabilization, I myself have seen the direct effects as an anti-inflammatory, and I strongly believe in the widespread support and use of CBD for its therapeutic value. Doing research, I’ve found that it’s hard to confirm the effectiveness on a person’s mood, due to a possible placebo effect. In my personal experience of putting over-hyper pets on CBD, I would be surprised if there are absolutely 0 behavioral differences. At the very least, we know that intaking CBD has medicinal benefits. So, it should come as no surprise that weed smokers are looking for something to be able to get their oral fixation taken care of while not actually getting high. Because of the sometimes higher cost of CBD than I feel like I can afford on a budget for the volume I smoke, I have also welcomed essential oil, vitamin vapor in my life. For the cannabis or tobacco smoker looking for alternatives, here are my favorite CBD or THC-free vape oils and pens available at an affordable price.

Refillable vaporizers are the way to go if you’re trying replace an extreme, all-day habit. The Pure Cannabidiol Vapors give you a naturally-flavored, tasty sweet, thick vapor, for a fair deal of $25 for a 25mg CBD, 10ml bottle. You can also just save some money by buying in bulk with a 25 pack for $275, in a variety of flavors. My favorite is definitely the peach. 

I personally feel like the lower level products work well for their purpose, but if you are curious about the high-level CBD, you can try the Dank Labs 500mg CBD oil, in 30ml bottles, for $75-$90, which isn’t the worst price. I do like that for a non-psychoactive, casual use, it is great that this oil can be added to any pre-existing mixture, vaped directly, or used as a sublingual solution to be held directly under the tongue then swallowed. Certainly the variety of uses makes this solution worthwhile. 

While not a CBD product, I was feeling stressed in the office last week and stepped out to check out the smoke shop down the street to see if they carried any CBD products. Unfortunately, it was a regular smoke shop, not a dispensary, and was left with their alternative options. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they carried a product I had no idea existed- a NutroVape. This pen touts itself as “the world’s first focus inhaler” which is a fancy way of saying essential oil vape. It talks a big talk for its abilities- like an energy drink, it promises different effects for its blends, which are loaded with vitamins, and I can’t deny that the Focus pen did hit me a little like a vitamin-B shot of green juice. Yes, it lacks the precious CBD, but as a vape pen that I can step outside to hit without raising any eyebrows at the office, while getting some extra vitamins, I love this thing. I also found that they’re available on Amazon Prime for $10, or in bulk, which I will probably be springing for on my next purchase. 


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