Valentine’s Day is almost near and what better place to shop for unique gifts than Etsy. Cannabis lovers have never had so many handmade Valentine’s Day gifts to choose from. Etsy offers a one-stop-shop for marijuana-themed jewelry, clothing, art, accessories, and more hard-to-find items. To make your Valentine’s Day shopping easier, consider these handmade and vintage gifts.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Although cards may seem superfluous for their one-time use, they can really complete a gift and maybe make your partner laugh. Some use puns like “I Always Knew Weed Go Well Together” or “I Have A Kush On You”. Other cards are more straight up with “Thanks For Getting High With Me” text across the front and an image of red heart balloons. Other cannabis-theme cards read “I Packed This Bowl For Two” and “I Hold You In The Highest Regard”.


Handmade jewelry is a gift that will always be appreciated. For a subtle ode to cannabis, choose sterling silver marijuana stud earrings of marijuana leaves. If your partner like to be bold in their fashion choices, they may prefer cannabis hoop earrings dipped in gold. For your THC-and-science-loving partner, a THC molecule necklace is an eye-catching piece. Finally, check out the enamel pin of a Calico Cat holding cannabis leaves for a quirky gift.


Handmade art can be a practical and aesthetically-pleasing gift for creative types. If your partner is into botanical art, consider the medicinal drug print set showcasing marijuana, cocaine, absinthe, tobacco, and opium. An even bigger find is this antique lithograph of cannabis sativa and other “useful plants” that’s over 110 years old. For a more psychedelically-tinged gift, give your partner a print of a “curious cat among blue-colored cannabis.” Lastly, Simpsons and Rick & Morty Fans will love the mash-up illustration of Homer and Rick taking a bong hit together.


Men and women will both love this “High Maintenance” shirt with an image of a weed leaf over a pink heart in a variety of colors including black, red, pink, mauve, and more. Sativa and Indica smokers will particularly enjoy the “Sativa Days Indica Nights” shirt. If your partner is into novelty shirts, give them the “4:19 Give Me A Minute” tee. Dab users and terp hunters alike will appreciate the “Terps On Terpenes” shirt in white, black, or navy.


There’s a multitude of cannabis-related items on Etsy that your partner will love. Perhaps they need a lighter. You can give them the “I’m On A Seaweed Diet, I See Weed, I Smoke It” lighter. If your partner’s a sneakerhead, why not give them cannabis custom Nike Roshe One shoes. Other weed-themed and practical items available on Etsy are socks, embroidered patches, stash boxes, and more.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the corporate Holiday it has turned into. All that matters is that you spend time with your partner. If they’re a cannabis user, they’ll love any cannabis-themed gift as long as it’s from you and given with love, care, and a packed bowl.


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