With Valentines Day on the horizon, I figured it would be the perfect time to give you my review of a uni-sex fragrance for the Holiday that is sure to keep the stoner in your life smelling of cannabis resin on a whole new level, The Cannabis Perfume oil from Malin+Goetz.


The Cannabis Perfume is a uni-sex scent that was released by famed skincare specialists¬†Malin+Goetz back in 2014 and at a price of $52.00 USD is beyond reasonable, especially for a decent Valentines gift these days. Now I’ll be completely honest with you, upon first trying this scent I wasn’t completely sold. This could have been explained by the initial lemon essence I smelled as I am not a huge fan of heavy citrus in my colognes, but either way I wasn’t in love at first spray. Now as the initial citrus scent began to wear off I was left with more of peppery patchouli essence that had me really digging the notes. It reminded me of a touch of Nag Champa incense mixed with a hint of sweet tangerines. I usually don’t get compliments on my cologne but I had two women tell me they adored it and for me that was good enough.


Quality perfumes and colognes are normally packed with wonderful terpenes such as limonene and linalool. I like to think that is the reason I would soak myself in Cool Water and Joop when I was in my teens and 20’s. WIth the Malin+Goetz Cannabis Perfume Oil you actually get the cannabis derived linalool which almost reminds you of a ripe batch of Grand Daddy Purple. The limonene terpenes actually hit with some of the notes you get when opening up a jar of OG Kush. Now it’s not exactly like the smell of weed but it has a hint of that earthiness if you search for it. Overall the scent had so many layers to it. At times I smelled the sandalwood, other times the pepper and slowly I began to really enjoy the citrus notes it gave off as well. It is definitely a keeper for any gender as the scent is neither masculine or feminine. I would define it as just mellow, earthy and clean.


In the end I absolutely loved the Cannabis Perfume Oil for a night out on the town or just a day relaxing by the pool. It is an extremely versatile scent that most definitely lasts. For those interested, you can find the Cannabis Perfume oil from Malin+Goetz at Nordstrom for $52.00. Trust me, your significant other will love you for it.

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