Um… Marijuana and sex have been a favorite combo for folks literally for CENTURIES…although it was officially acknowledged by the medical community in 2017, by Dr. Michael Eisenburg, with a study published in the Stanford University School of Medicine. Why did it take them so long? Because marijuana research is currently sadly underfunded, although we suspect this is likely to change with the advent of federal legalization and the (currently) expanding weed market.  Ok, so anyway, if you’re reading this, you probably already know that having a little THC in the bedroom is the gateway to pleasure town. A) It keeps you in the moment and since moments tend to slow down… orgasms seem like they last way longer than they do.. B) Sensations are enhanced, both for men and women. One touch can seem like the most amazing sensation ever. C) Consuming THC increases arousal! And frequency of sex! So it’s better, it feels like it last longer, and you end up having more of it when you smoke! Lots of exclamation points there, but with reason, we think.

One disclaimer: you’ll want to measure out your dosage, because getting too high will make you too high, lol. If a guy gets too stoned, he might have a problem especially. That aside, there are a few guh-reat products to try out there, and here are a few to start you off.

Privy Peach’s Break Free Tincture has a nice balance of both THC and CBD so that you’ll get a nice sense of well-being and just enough of a little buzz to enhance your feels. Or his feels. Or her feels. Or their feels. Whatever floats your boat(s).

Dosist is an impressive company that creates products that work by isolating precise amounts of certain terpenes to offer the exact right dosage for any effect. The pens are called by their effect, like ‘calming’, ‘sleep’, or ‘passion’, which is one of their products formulated to create a sense of euphoria with a 2.25 mg dose designed specifically to ” increase sensuality and heighten your sexual experience.” Each pen has 200 doses so you can bet you’ll have 200 opportunities to do so. Eyyo!!

Foria offers THC enhanced personal products like a personal lubricant for women called ‘Pleasure’, made with organic coconut oil and sun grown cannabis. They have one vape pen available, which is called “Empower”, and is meant to enhance perspective without dulling focus; it has a 4:1 THC to CBD ratio. They also offer a range of both CBD and THC centric products, the former of which is available for purchase worldwide, while the latter is available only in Colorado, California and Canada, although we suspect not for long.


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