A confession: when it comes to cannabis products, I’m at the complete mercy of thoughtful design. My aesthetic taste rules secondary, of course, only to flavor.

Great design need not be superficial or glitzy, though—take Lizzy Tish Cookies, for example. Like all too-good-to-be-kept secrets, I learned of these “High Tea Cookies” through a friend with admirably good taste in both food and cannabis. If won over by the company’s simple gold boxing and hand-calligraphed sticker, I was made an immediate fan by the contents inside. Breaking away from the traditional cookie offerings, Lizzie Tish, a former fashion designer turned cannabis entrepreneur, offers her dainty shortbread treats in three iconic and inventive flavors: rose pistachio, lemon chamomile, and chocolate Earl Grey with sea salt. Each morsel is baked to crunchy perfection and, at 10 mg a cookie, offers the consumer a range of possibilities, from microdosing to going back for seconds.

Lizzy Tish Cookies has a lot of elements working in its favor. The company’s choice to use organic ingredients whenever possible and to eschew artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors makes it an excellent choice for the health-conscious. What’s more, in a sea of mass-produced cannabis offerings, Lizzy Tish Cookies is a true family affair: inspired by learning to bake alongside her mother, Vera, Tish transformed her passion for baking into a business inspired childhood memories and familial recipes, infusing them with not just a dose of THC, but with a sense of locally-rooted tradition, too.

These High Tea Cookies don’t skimp on flavor. A lover of all things rose, my first foray into the brand’s products was a sampling of the rose pistachio flavor. An homage to the delicate nature of the shortbread cookies (and, perhaps, to the fabulous Iranian/Persian culinary traditions of the company’s home city of Los Angeles), the floral taste of the rose is offset perfectly by the nuttiness of pistachio. The chocolate Early Grey with sea salt, too, is a great melange of flavors: not too sweet, but rich and satisfying, with a floral note that enhances the slight salty-bitterness of the dark chocolate. The high offered by a single 10 mg dose is noticeable but not distracting; it’s a perfect accompaniment, as you might guess, to an after-work tea with friends.

As cannabis consumption inches slowly toward social acceptance, the market for options becomes over-saturated with countless options. Lizzy Tish Cookies are unmistakably artisanal and small-batch; indeed, they are only offered through a small selection of distributors. And, rather than giving off a secretive or elitist air, the small-scale nature of Lizzy Tish is one of the elements that draws me to the brand and its cookies, fit for queens and kweens alike.


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