Hemp clothing has a bad reputation. The durable, sensitive-skin friendly cloth has been in fashion with the general hippie crowd since its inception, and hasn’t been readily adopted by the public. Because I have been frustrated with the poor quality of women’s clothing in many popular stores, I have made efforts to focus on buying more timeless, longer lasting, and quality pieces of clothing. These stores are not inexpensive, but attractive clothes made of strong material come at a cost.

Not surprisingly, their stock isn’t nearly as replete as my mainstream favorite clothing suppliers, but I’m slightly a fan of having my options narrowed down for me by a higher standard. I love spending hours looking at the cheap, attractive-on-model items in the huge catalogs of mainstream, online stores (I’m looking at you, FashionNova, SheIn, and Amazon), and left unchecked, can spend hundreds on one shopping cart. Unfortunately, I end up with too much cheap stuff that I want to return but can’t be bothered to follow through.

By choosing to start filling your closet with quality, akin to your style, ecologically friendly pieces, you’ll be saving yourself some retail regret that I know we all experience. Keep your eye on the sales sections of these sites for some great scores, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself in support of these excellent clothing sellers!


Hempest is actually a collective site that features hemp fashions from different suppliers. They feature popular fashions from other sites, some on this list, and centralize your shopping. This is a great place to start if you have no idea where to begin looking for good hemp clothes:


So much excellent day, casual, and loungewear, with great designs like constellations, nature motifs, or a range of colors and textures. They have some great pieces for professional, office-friendly attire. Additionally, 10 trees are planted for every item purchased, thus the name:


Hipster, unisex, vintage feeling looks, but decent variety of cuts, and lovely stripe options. Definitely reminiscent of preppy college looks, but I would love to add these styles to my collection of subtle tie-dye and cozy long sleeve shirts:


Awesome streetwear, such smooth design and prints, excellent urban aesthetic. Absolutely love their leggings and crops, they have the perfect cut I always look for in flattering tops, mostly weekend and going-out styles, but there are lots of attractive simple pieces that can be accessorized for all kinds of occasions:


High fashion hemp! The most expensive brand on this list, but not unattainably so, is equivalent to the Yeezy line of cannabis- simple, extremely cool, effortless looking. There’s only a limited color scheme featured of peach, tan, white and black, but again, I like a site tailored to a specific style, and I really like these few, muted colors that look oh-so-sharp:


Mostly a dope outerwear source, furs, many jacket styles, for harsh weather but looking fly, too. So much high-quality cold-weather styles that will actually keep warm in a perfect combination of form and function, and some surprisingly classy/fun pieces like faux fur vests:


Another streetwear brand, but dominating with a slick logo on all its gear, is athletic, comfy. I like a brand that evokes modern athleisure’s acceptability in most spaces, not just yoga class or during a game of basketball, which I would probably consider a little too grungy for these clean linen threads in all honesty:


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