The holidays aren’t over yet, and if you haven’t consumed alcohol over Christmas, then chances are you’ll get wasted for New Years. Personally, I haven’t been drinking alcohol as frequently as I used to, especially since I started smoking weed. That said, not too long ago, I ended up going out on a date, and just like that, had consumed five drinks, and found myself waking up the next morning hungover af.

The first thing I usually do to deal with a throbbing headache after a night out is to drink raw juice or eat raw vegetables or fruit to get going. This time, I decided to smoke a bit to start the day and found that my headache abated almost instantly. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, so this shouldn’t have been that surprising. In fact, before it became illegal, marijuana used to be a common remedy for headaches. It was even promoted by physicians in the first half of the 20th century.

While the best way to avoid a hangover to make sure that you’re consuming enough water while consuming alcohol, or not drinking at all. If that doesn’t seem that fun, weed will definitely help, and different strains will obviously have different effects, depending on your individual body chemistry. If you’re planning ahead, then you might want to consider what you’re doing the morning after you drink. If you’re staying in, then an indica might be good… it’ll relax your body, ease discomfort, and rev up your appetite. If you need to get going soon after you awake, then a sativa strain might be right for you, since the high is less focused on the body. CBD pens are a great way to go as well if you don’t want to get buzzed. You’ll get the pain and nausea reducing and anti-inflammatory benefits without affected perception. If you’re trying to reduce the amount of adverse health effects associated with smoking frequently, you can also try CBD drops, or other CBD infused products like coffee, or even just taking a shower with a CBD infused bath product. Taking an edible before you go to bed or in the morning might also be helpful.

If headaches, or even migraines are common for you, the you might want to consider using CBD on a regular basis. Studies have shown that CBD has been proven to be effective for the treatment of migraines. Happy Boozin!

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