Christmas is that magical, stressful time of year where the pressure to give a gift someone will actually love, use, and appreciate builds. I tend to think that I have it lucky, as a cannabis lover, there is always something available that I would automatically enjoy, even if it’s just a nice top shelf joint, or CBD/THC lip balm. Additionally, having multiple relatives in the industry has created an expectation for me to receive lots of excellent flower and cannabis products … which I can’t wait to try and tell you about.

One of the fancier gifts I received from my sister’s boyfriend, who is employed at Mercy Wellness in Cotati, CA, (and is in no way profiting from my opinion) was a brand of top shelf oil cartridge from Kurvana. The ASCND Pink Sherbet is a strain in this line which claims to have: ‘95% cannabinoid … composition for users who appreciate heavy psychoactive effects and a true-to-strain flower or weedy taste profile, while still retaining crucial bioactive terpenes and flavonoids.’ And I can say, that without receiving this as a gift, at $70 for half a gram where my cartridge came from, this is certainly a luxury oil that I would not usually splurge on.

That said, what a gift! The log line for these actually rings very true for me, and I would not argue with their descriptive language. The Pink Sherbet is a fruity and light tasting, balanced hybrid that can hit hard. A sativa sensitive smoker could take a low voltage hit without feeling paranoid, and heavy indica users could get the relaxed high they’re looking for. I definitely appreciate choosing to make the hybrid flavor something sweet, as those are my favorite flavors for vapor, artificial or natural. Being a regular day or night smoker, I love a hybrid strain that transcends activity, it’s not going to hype me too far up or mellow me too far down- I just get a good high that doesn’t have me staring into space.

Over the holiday week, I did get a little too stony on an over-consumption of cannabis. In a combination of edibles, joints, and pen hits, I was losing focus at a family party and falling asleep on Christmas night by 9:30pm. I feel like overindulged a little bit. However, on my travel day back to LA from my hometown, all I had handy was my vape pen loaded with the pink sherbet ASCND and was happy as possible on a cramped flight because I was just the right amount of delicious high. Aside from avoiding a cannabis hangover, I love this cartridge because you can heavily taste the citrus sweetness. I would suggest this oil as a top option for the affluent, active smoker, with a sweet tooth. If I had more disposable income, I would love to try all of the ASCND line, so I suppose I’ll just have to keep on the lookout for LA shops’ specials. What makes a good gift is that it is something beloved that a person would not think to expend on themself. Gratefully, I will enjoy this cartridge for the treat it is.

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