Instagram is a blessing of a platform to art exposure. As an amateur artist, I deeply appreciate seeing the variety in styles of art all over Instagram, and as a cannabis enthusiast, I very much appreciate the references to the lifestyle without hammering home an overused hippie aesthetic. It may too late this year to buy prints as presents, but perhaps celebrate their art on your walls in the new year. These are the Instagram art accounts I think fellow marijuana lovers would love to follow:

@robineisenberg draws the horoscope illustrations for, and captures the feminine, literally and figuratively spaced out moods millennial women embody. As with most of these artists, cannabis isn’t the focus, but by including the props in her detailed scenes of alien women unwinding and de-stressing, we relate deeply to these. Robin’s clean lines and bright colors make her page exciting yet soothing, and even though you likely recognize her work, she’s worth a follow.

@hottwax is definitely the “trippiest,” most stereotypical stoner art, but in so much more elegance than that. The very textural look of the shading looks like soft watercolor, and feels so analog. The sharpness of digital artwork is certainly appreciated, but seeing the strokes, sketch lines, and paint drops feels so authentic. Joey draws mythological women, and all images feel sensual and spiritual. I feel like any of these designs would make a better t-shirt than wolves howling at the moon, but actually captures the mysticism those designs were intended to capture.

@benisright is in the same vein of Robin in depicting the vices and attitudes of women like myself. Ben’s art all has a darkly humorous edge, with expressions clearly set in shock, disdain, snarkiness or carelessness. I love art that shows what it’s really like to kick back in my mess of a room, joint in hand, music blaring, that doesn’t oversell the altered state. I don’t love when art takes itself so seriously. Ben captures the banality of being a weed smoking woman, while not forgetting that we’re probably fun weirdos.

@aesthetic_candy is a 3d digital artist whose renderings feature a happy little alien, bong often nearby, dancing or stargazing, sometimes with a friendly kitten. All his posts make me feel overwhelmingly cheerful, and ring true for me the euphoric aspect of cannabis. Taking a journey down the feed reveals an interesting transformation from strange photographic collages, to creepy, sadder illustrations featuring lifelike figures, to the current colorful iterations of our alien cartoon friend. The style is sweet, silly, and just trippy and colorful enough to make you say “Oh!” I especially love a quick, digestible animation. These posts will definitely put a surprise pop of color in your feed, and hopefully improve your mood.

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