Searching for a last-minute gift for your weed-friendly friends and family? Or maybe you’re looking to pick out a special something with that holiday money you received from grandma. Whatever the reason, when the call for something shiny, sparkly, or otherwise design-oriented calls, it’s hard not to answer.

Though glass—and some beautiful glass, at that—has been the standard material for pipe-making for some time, the more recent destigmatization of cannabis has led artists and fabricators to consider the ways in which pipes can act as both functional tools and objects of beauty. Such pipes can double as paperweights, look great next to a stack of color-coded books, or enhance your collection of objects d’art in seemingly endless ways.
Ring Pipe Pink
Ring Pipe ($150)
What is it about a smooth, colorful ombre that draws the design-conscious in? It’s hard to resist the gorgeous glazed blue and pink of Lindsey Hampton’s Ring Pipe: its circle shape fits nicely in the smoker’s palm, and its earthen texture makes for a comfortable and secure grip. Also available in blue to green fade.
I bought my Caitlin Rose Sweet pipe at a shop in Los Angeles called Otherwild; I had been eyeing this earthen cutie for some time, and there seemed no better place to make my purchase than the SoCal native, queer-owned and minded boutique. Each piece is unique, but they’ve all got that mottled blue and neutral tones that first drew me to the piece. Place on your altar or atop your favorite copy of the S.C.U.M. Manifesto.
Blue Crystal Pipe (from $170)
We’ve all been there: stoned, on the couch, and marveling at the intricacies of whatever well-designed object happens to be in reach. With one of Stonedware’s Blue Crystal pipes—which come in three sizes—you won’t be forced to reach very far: these gorgeously glazed ceramic pieces are one-of-a-kind in their unique shape and coloring. The size and consistency of the crystals that form on these pipes are what make each piece a work of art. When not in use, this unique piece is a natural among a rock or crystal collection.
With their solid, eye-catching colors and simplistic ceramic design, Yew Yew makes stunning pieces for the everyday smoker. After all, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to smoke in style.
Aero Pipe ($85)
There’s nothing particularly revolutionary about this pipe’s design. It’s a take on the classic construction: a small bowl attached to a long, hollow shaft that allows the smoke to cool before being inhaled. Perhaps, though, it’s the very simplicity of these pipes, made by the Pursuit of Happiness, that gives them their touch. After all, if a staple isn’t broken, why fix it?
The Pathfinder (PREORDER)
I haven’t seen a bubbler in action in nearly a decade; it was definitely the novelty of this gorgeously crafted “Cadillac of pipes” that drew me in. Inspired by “mystic cultures and communal gatherings,” this pipe is a great one to pass around a circle of a few intimate friends. The Pathfinder even comes with its own wooden stand, which almost begs you to show off your new purchase.
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