Recently while perusing the shelves at my local dispensary I came upon a new strain that caught my attention, Montana Silvertip. At first glance, the nugs looked decent but nothing to write home about, so I decided not to pull the trigger at the $13 USD gram price point. As I’ve found in the past, never trust that a strain has been grown to its full potential. Many times growers pull their plants a couple weeks early or deal with problems such as nutrient deficiencies that keep the strain from becoming what it can be. For that reason, I never purchase anything unless it appears to have been grown and processed properly. If there isn’t a healthy coverage of fresh trichomes and the look and smell of dank, I won’t take the risk.


Last week, I finally found a sample of Montana Silvertip that was worthy of purchase and to make things even better, was grown by one of my favorite cultivators in all of Oregon, DanimalPDX. At first glance, the nugs had a slight hint of purple and were coated in thick trichomes. Each bud was manicured to perfection with almost no trim to be seen. After opening the jar I was instantly met with a pungent diesel odor with heavy herbal notes, reminiscent of a walk through a forest. Once broken apart, I could smell its sweet, flowery finish and I was ready to take her for a ride.


I decided to use my “Toro” micro 10″ circ piece along with my Grav Lavs Octobowl for this first taste and let me tell you, the Montana Silvertip is without question the real deal. On inhale, I was hit with a skunk berry flavor that had my lungs nicely expanded. Upon exhale I could slowly feel my eyes getting heavy as the taste of grapes and lavender coated my palette with deliciousness. As soon as I caught my breath and shook off the cobwebs, It was clear to see this was a definite one-hitter quitter for me. Montana Silvertip is a hybrid that crosses Grand Daddy Purple (Indica) with Super Silver Haze (Sativa) but I would have to say it felt more Indica dominant as it had me beyond relaxed and wanting to just hang out if you catch my drift. I am someone who suffers from debilitating anxiety and this strain worked like a charm. It was able to calm my nerves and also allowed me to focus, as I binge-watched an entire series on Netflix. Overall I would give the Montana Silvertip a 9.1/10 in terms of Potency and an 8.8/10 in regards to flavor. It is most certainly a powerful and delectable strain that I’d highly recommend you get your hands on.


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