Alright, party time ya’ll. Holidays are here, but these cocktail recipes are good year-round. CBD-infused drinks have been popping up all around the country recently, especially in L.A. They’re exactly what they sound like; cocktails with the addition of CBD (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from marijuana). The flavor profiles are most the same, although there might be a bit of a chlorophyll-esque note that can add another layer of aroma to the drink. Adding CBD will give the added benefit of combating stress, anxiety and more. Pure CBD oil has a bit of a plant-like or earthy flavor, which is noted to work well with botanical spirits, like gin. If the goal is to not taste the CBD, choosing a spirit with a strong flavor profile, like bourbon, will work. Adding CBD can either take the form of infusing ingredients like simple syrup or whiskey, or just adding a few drops directly after the drink has been made. After a few of these, you’ll feel calm, not only pleasantly buzzed. It’s even been said that in some cases CBD oil can calm the unpleasant effects of drinking alcohol. It’s anti-inflammatory, so those headaches might get a noticeable reduction. It’s also been noted to reduce aches and pains, so if you have any kind of inflammation or tend to get hard hangovers, adding CBD oils is a good way to reduce the need for painkillers.

First up, the CBD Gin and Tonic.  Fairly simple to make, this drink is pretty and is made to be lovingly consumed with edible flowers, herbs, marijuana leaves, lime wheels, or grapefruit. Super lovely.

This Fresh Start cocktail made with cannabis-infused Stillhouse Black Bourbon will put the hairs back on your chest, even if you wax. Even though it’s got a kick, it’s definitely refreshing due to the lime juice and fresh mint. Nothing like a bit of zing for your next cocktail party! This page even includes the recipe for making your own weed infused bourbon, if you feel like a project.

A CBD Corpse Reviver is aptly named and features a bit of absinthe, gin and Cointreau, which will wake up anyone from anything, lol. It also works well with anise, and calls for infused simple syrup, which is relatively easy to make.

Feeling a little sex in the city? Try this CBD-Infused Cosmopolitan. Very chic, very cranberry, very chill.

This CB-TEA features peach tea whiskey for a relaxing afternoon or a summer-based addition to your get togethers, even during the winter holidays. Topped off with lemonade, ice and a fresh sprig of mint.

Happy Holidays!


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