Perhaps just a skosh too late for this gifting season, but never too late to improve your Instagram feed, is a top 6 of my favorite pipe crafters you should be following!

@anotherseattleartist is one of the most unique ceramics artists I’ve seen circulated on Pinterest. Her pastel color palette is so delightful, and her signature unicorn pipe is cute as hell. She creates multiple color options for this, and her minimal kitty pipes. The fantastical, whimsical yet modern aesthetic is peak 2018, and I would love to see her create some mermaid astrological inspired pieces.


@kjellkjellkjell is a collaborator with @anotherseattleartist who also specializes in the delightful yet clean style so popular these days. The rainbow glazes used on the small bubblers evoke the shine on a bubble, and any of the designs painted on would look lovely as an accent wall in my room. The same simple and trippy style is used in the weird lines and geometry in these bubblers that look more like Crate and Barrel oil bottles. I especially enjoy the hand-sculpted “wood” pipes and bubblers, being a nature girl at heart.

@humbleprideglass is an artist whose work I have admired for the last few years, and I have finally received his iconic peach pipe as a beloved birthday gift. His lifelike fruit pipes are the cutest kitsch, and I can now vouch for their ease of smoking and cleaning. While the peach is his speciality, the banana, orange, apple, berry, eggplant and banana pipes are equally as precious. The quality and instant recognizability of these pieces makes them great for the mantle

@sweettooth_glassworks is another quirky glassblower turned adorable sculptor for her delicate and candylike creations. Her pieces often remind me of the Plastics in Mean Girls fronting as stoners. Are we detecting a theme here? I love smoking pieces that deceive the eye, and make you say, “wait– I can smoke weed in that?!” And she does not disappoint. The milkshake rigs and candy dabbers are lovely table pieces for those of us unwilling to part with pink accessories.

@sasha_hess_glass is definitely a more traditional glassblower in terms of what you might find at your local smoke shop. What I imagine you wouldn’t find in those pipes are the amazing color combinations, patterns, and weird superextra shapes. Many of his pieces remind me of a rare deep sea fish, being discovered and illuminated for the first time by human light. His designs are true classics in the psychedelic style, giving an appreciation to the fine details that are too purposeful to be a happy accident.

@spunchun is another classical glassblower whose patterns will blow your mind. While I love an expressive lines and and swirls, I also really appreciate consistency and symmetry. Blown glass is a challenging medium but @spunchun has managed to perfect the totally circular and round swirl with hardly a wave out of place. I love the color combinations and excellent repetitions in his pieces that remind me why I sometimes love to pop into my local glass shop and see what fun Seussical shapes and rainbows have come in.

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