Holidays are stressful af. Buying presents, cleaning your house, food, dealing with family, work deadlines, kids, neighbors, roommates, whether or not to participate in sales…whatever you have going on, it’s cray, although it’s supposed to be fun. There are a few ways to deal with this. For one, you can have stuff prepared ahead of time; start cooking food ahead of time and freezing it if you’re cooking. You can also literally just tell people you’re not participating in gift-giving this year. Do so for people you really care about, like kids, your SO, or your immediate family, although realistically, your sister will probably be fine without the Starbucks gift card you get her every year. On that note, you can also choose not to participate in any holiday consumerism. Not everyone needs to participate in Black Friday… We know you’ve heard of people getting trampled in Walmart, no one needs that lol. Plus, most of the stuff that’s on sale can usually be purchased in January.

You can even celebrate a few days after the holidays pass. This way, you avoid the high prices, etc. And if you do choose to shop, you can do it online, which makes it way easier. Or, you can do the opposite and unplug from your devices. It helps to take breaks from phones and laptops when you’re meant to spend time with family anyway.

If you don’t feel like seeing family, you can always just give them a call on the phone, particularly the ones that are too far to visit. Sending thank-you notes and cards is a great way to connect with people too. It’s ok to say no when you don’t have the time or energy to engage with every single person you meet. The holidays are meant to be a time for recharging, and if you’re not doing it, then find a way to ensure that you can.

It might be nice to travel to get away from the holiday season anyway. That said, if you really want opt out of all of it, then just book a plane. You don’t have to participate in the craziness of the holiday season at all if you don’t want to. Take your fam, board a plane, and head on a retreat. Planning ahead is always a good idea. Time goes by fast. If you don’t plan to appreciate it, you might end up wondering where it went.

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