Still hustling to get your shopping list taken care of this year? Looking for the perfect gift for the cannabis enthused AND otherwise? Look no further than CBD! My favorite CBD gifts to give come in a variety of price points and products, here are my picks for cannabidiol presents under the tree this year (in addition to the tree I’ll be enjoying with my weed-smoking relatives). The limited research around CBD has shown it to be an effective anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and sebum regulator, making it a hot ingredient this year for beauty care and physical pain.

A clickbait article once espoused that all of the world’s lip balm budget could be used to explore Mars something like 100 times… I can’t verify any truth to that, but I know I love lip balm to the point of finding random tubes in any given purse of mine. That said, the one lip balm I work my hardest to never misplace is my CBD/THC lip balm. While it is technically supposed to pack a light punch of THC, I never notice it affecting me as strongly as an edible. I do like feeling like I’m getting a small dose, in addition to the totally smooth, healed sensation. I used to suffer from canker sores semi-regularly, and I believe the CBD properties keep my lips and the skin surrounding clear of blemishes. Lip balm is definitely the lowest cost CBD gift you could give, at around $10-$20. The high end Vertly has been given lovely reviews. 

Bath bombs are the perfect self care luxury. They force you to take a bath, which for those of us who struggle to relax, almost forces a meditative state. You have to enjoy this state for at least a considerable window of time, and it does wonders for sore muscles. Obviously bath bombs have become synonymous with the basic girl’s Sunday evening, but I think an extra special one is worth it. I have intense menstrual pain, and I LIVE for the CBD epsom salts and bath bombs I have received in recent years. Sitting in a tub of nearly scalding water already feels amazing, but when I use a CBD bath accessory, I feel the effects of that bath staying with me the entirety of the evening. For around $20, you can give the gift of skincare and pain relief. Kush Queen is a popular starter brand for those new to CBD spa treatments. 

CBD is also an excellent gift for pet lovers. Some owners may be a little uncomfortable dosing their fur baby with CBD, so perhaps talk to them first to see if their vet might recommend some for this particular animal. I have witnessed firsthand the soothing effect on both excitable and stiff-jointed animals benefiting from a CBD tincture. Starting with the minimal dose, you can add CBD to your pet’s food or treat that noticeable relaxes nervous animals, and appears to provide pain relief and better mobility for animals that need it. In a friend’s small and aged chihuahua, the behavioral difference after ingesting just one drop of 15mg CBD-only tincture was incredible. She let people pet her and was able to jump on the couch with no difficulty. Amazing! Depending on the amount of product, these can run from about $15-$40. Lazarus Naturals is a high quality popular tincture on the market. 

On the totally luxurious scale, I suggest a superfine CBD facial moisturizer. All the same benefits of the lip balm exist in powerful facial creams that will leave you glowing. As a frequent tester of facial products, cannabis and otherwise, I feel like for high-end moisturizers, I get the most bang for my buck with CBD. I feel like no other ingredient keeps my pores as clear, while reasonably moist. As a chronic psoriasis sufferer, keeping my skin from drying out while tackling the dirt and buildup. I can easily spend $60-$100 on a quality CBD face cream. From Ever Since has wonderful cream and serum, worth the price for preventative skincare. 

CBD has earned its mainstay reputation, so don’t sleep on this amazing, versatile gift category this year! Honorary present mentions: Pain relief topicals, bar soap, lubricant (for an intimate present), leave-in hair conditioner.

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