Since the Early 90’s I have been an avid collector of bongs. From my first 2 foot plastic Graffix tube to my glass Jerome Baker in the late 90’s, I’ve been on a mission to find the cleanest bong hit possible. I would imagine in my 20+ years of smoking I’ve probably owned close to 100 pieces, yet there is only one that stands out among all of the rest when it comes to functionality…The Dave Goldstein “Rooster Appartatus” Fritted Disc Bong.

To give you a little history Dave Goldstein is one of the most prolific designers in the history of glass smoking accessories. Some of the innovations he is responsible for include the World’s First “ash catcher” (1976) and the Worlds First “percolator” double-chamber tube (1979). His first prototype of the Rooster Apparatus bong was completed in 2011 and when I got to test it for the first time, I knew it was something special.

The difference between a Rooster vs. other bongs is it’s patented glass fritted disc filter that sits in the lower end of the tube of the bong and filters the smoke thru the fritted glass causing an amazing amount of percolation and filtration. Even before the smoke goes through the down stem and reaches the water, it first has to travel through the pre-filter which is a half inch wide glass fritted disc that not only filters the smoke before reaching the actual larger main filter but also keeps any ash from reaching the water thus keeping your glass clean much longer than the average bong. Along with the amazing function of the discs, the main fritted glass filter can also be an art piece that has many color options that are made to wow.

What you can expect from a Rooster Apparatus is a hit that is without question cleaner than any other bong I have ever sampled. By filtering the smoke twice and creating a percolation that bubbles like nothing I have ever seen you are left with an experience that is parallel to none. These pieces can be pricey and range from $200USD for the basic smaller models to upwards of $1500USD for the larger custom models. I purchased my 18″ a few years back for $300 and it was the best investment on my lungs I have ever made. It is the one piece my friends always beg to hit and can’t stop telling me how much they adore. Now along with the bong you will occasionally need to purchase the fritted disc pre-filters that will run you around $5USD. I find they last me a few months before I accidentally drop and break them in the sink as I like to clean mine regularly by letting them soak in 90%+ alcohol and kosher salt.


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