People who menstruate can all relate to the monthly agony of muscle cramps, and the additional onslaught of unpleasant conditions on top of those. Thankfully, women’s reproductive health has been a hot topic this past year, and more people are being made aware of conditions like endometriosis and vaginismus. It is an unfortunate trend that doctors have and continued to ignore women’s pain and symptoms related to reproductive illnesses, so seeking out accessible and targeted relief is important to myself and like-bodied individuals. Being a huge fan of CBD topical and muscular balms, I have used those on my abdominal area to assist in cramp alleviation, and it does! So, when I discovered that vaginal suppositories exist, I was eager to try the sample a friend gifted to me. I often complained that I wish there was a way to deliver medicine directly to the source; lo and behold, in this fabulous age of marijuana innovation, a solution is available. 

The prominent leading suppository on the market is from Floria, previously known as the premiere lubricant company, also targeted to women who experience vaginal pain for any assortment of causes, to make sex enjoyable. Aside from better understanding from the medical community, we need to manage our pain as best we can, and bottom line: Floria WORKED for me! Without getting me high, I felt gradual relief as the suppository melted. As the effects began to kick in, with each intake of breath, I felt a release in the pressure and contractions of my abdominal and vaginal muscles. It is not an apparent or obvious sensation, but about an hour after insertion on my heaviest, most cramped day, I noticed the precise lack of pain and discomfort. I had to owe it all to Floria, as I prefer to limit my consumption of ibuprofen and other pedestrian painkillers. Some days, I feel like I need 1000mg of ibuprofen to function, which wreaks hell on your organs. For cannabis users who already medicate for menstrual relief, why not take the extra step and go straight to the source?

I will say, the general messiness of the suppository makes this a more ideal night time treatment, when I’m laying down and not being excessively active. If there was a way to reasonably insert Floria without being able to feel it become liquid, I would have 0 complaints. That said, without some Thinx style underwear, keeping the suppository inside your vaginal cavity during the day, while sitting upright, moving about, and getting the full scope of its relief doesn’t seem quite possible. It seems a waste to wear one to work, feel better, and then see a hefty volume of your medicine ended up on your undies and not in your system. Thankfully, you can find out for yourself if Floria is the godsend you’ve been looking for- they are running a study in collaboration with Harvard Medical School associate professor and director of cannabis research at McLean Hospital, Staci Gruber. Sign up here and help Floria strive toward better menstrual pain relief.


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