When I was 22, I was struggling in college with some deep personal issues and was surprised to gradually develop rash-like symptoms on my arms and legs. My skin was dry and flakey, and while it did not actively irritate me or cause pain, the dryness can have me constantly itching my limbs. After a trip to the clinic, I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis and given a referral to a skin specialist. I never had serious skin problems before, but did some research and found that while a genetic predisposition to the condition had to be present, a spike in stress can trigger its appearance and permanence. Psoriasis occurs due to an overactive immune system that creates rapid skin cell growth on the top layer of the epidermis.

I have since learned to manage my stress, but psoriasis is a chronic condition, and I can never fully eradicate my symptoms. However, I have found a regimen that helps me manage the heavy outbreaks of dryness and skin plaques around my elbows, knees and shins. In addition to the regular vitamin D and biotin supplements, as well as plenty of sunshine on my afflicted areas, I have become a huge believe in CBD ointments as a topical solution. Cannabidiol has been shown in research to help regulate the immune system and its overproduction of skin cells, therefore helping prevent flare-ups and decrease skin inflammation.

CBD hemp oils have been available in most major markets, but with the advent of recreational and medicinal legalization, high concentration, high quality topical creams and lotions are more readily available. The industry is still new enough that you can really make a difference in supporting smaller companies that are making the best products. I was fortunate to be made aware of Moon Mother Hemp Co., based in Colorado when a friend gifted me their Heal All Skin Balm, available here (and they have an Instagram promo code as well- @moonmotherhempco).

I love this Moon Mother Hemp Co. balm because it calms and smooths my skin with a lovely, not overwhelming lavender scent, and a non-sticky texture. I like to use medicinal balms that use simple, organic ingredients that can naturally help me manage plaques, redness, and itchiness. Because it is on the pricier side, I tend to apply a thin layer semi-regularly, but for those experiencing severe symptoms, the price is worthwhile compared to internally harmful (and costly) prescription drugs. Truly, as long as CBD is present in the topical, any will do, just make sure to support small businesses creating exceptional products! Make sure you find one that appeals to your senses of smell and texture, and that gives you results. Everyone’s biology and preferences are different, but I understand the struggle of living with psoriasis, and can’t recommend CBD more. I also stand by the skin lines care of CannaDermUSA.com, HoneyPotProducts.com, and LittleFlowerHempCompany.com.

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