Being an athlete comes with ruthless demands around the clock, especially when you have other responsibilities like work and school. It’s more than a full-time job, it’s truly a lifestyle. Along with it comes proper self-care as well as strategies to optimize your mental and physical performance.   Naturally, there are many relevant benefits in cannabis that will go a long way during training and help recovery and rest periods significantly. Check out my top 3 recommendations, fit for winners.


  1. Super Lemon Haze – For runners, cyclists, and other anaerobic activities like conditioning for MMA or boxing, get your hands on this reputable flower. You’ll feel energized and euphoric from this sativa-dominant strain, so it’s great for the daytime and hitting some trails. This is a great choice for staying mentally sharp without feeling sluggish body effects. Whether you want to puff before training or get a refresher in-between practice and the rest of your day, Super Lemon Haze will take care of you.


  1. OG Kush – This strain needs no introduction, and it’s an excellent choice for post-workouts and recovery days. Sprinters, football players, wrestlers and serious weight-lifters will find the varieties of OGs to be an excellent match for pain relief and relaxation. Definitely a great choice to have a few rips before a long stretching session, or aerial yoga. To maximize the pain relief effects, look into Skywalker OG or OG #18. In addition to your coaches and physicians’ instructions, you’ll bounce back from many injuries and periods of fatigue quickly. Personally, I save these flowers for specifically recovery and stretching; wouldn’t do any heavy lifting or high-intensity due to the strong bodily effects.


  1. Durban Poison – If you really want to be on another level while training or competing, look no further. Sometimes referred to as the ‘espresso of cannabis,’ you’ll be focused, euphoric, and uplifted without a doubt. Not necessarily sport-specific, this strain is great at any part of your workout routine but you may prefer it before exerting yourself. More perks about this supercharged flower is that it doesn’t make you sleepy and keeps the munchies at bay. So you’ll more easily keep your appetite and specific calorie needs under control, and also stay active all day even after intense intense morning conditioning. If Nike cultivated their own strain, it’s genetics would be a lot like DP. You’re gonna get a lot done.


  1. Bonus: ACDC – If you want to get rid of anxiety before a match or a meet, without feeling any psychoactive effects, check out this phenotype with a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. It’s the perfect all-natural choice to relax and relieve tension without altering your mental state. Also a good call to look into CBD edibles if you want to avoid smoking altogether. Topical products like patches, muscle/joint ointments, and lotions also work wonders on chronic pains to give you targeted relief without any intoxication.









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