I’ve been in hotboxes so thick I couldn’t see my hand 2 inches from my face; I’ve begged the universe for mercy after eating too many brownies at once (we’ve all been there); and left craters in couches all over the state from sinking into them for hours at a time. My point is: I know how to get super stoned.

But sometimes, as we all know, we have to draw the line somewhere. Falling asleep in the movie theater or pissing off my relatives with my giggling antics on Thanksgiving is only forgivable so many times. And on top of that, it’s not always ideal to smell like you just had a session. So in regards to all of this, I wanted to experiment with the smallest noticeable amount of THC ingestion: Kiva Confections’ Petra 2.5mg infused mints.

I bought the pack at Med Men’s in DTLA and then ate one of the mints at a café nearby. It tasted like a standard mint; nothing noticeable right off the bat. My tolerance was also next to nothing at this point; the last time I smoked was 16 days before and over a month before the last time. I proceeded over to a friend’s house to hang out and drink some coffee. I noticed a subtle but certainly familiar head change about half an hour in. A slight spark of euphoria hit me in the middle of a conversation. I noticed my thoughts going in a different direction as well, and I began to get introspective. It was easy to stay focused on whatever I chose, and decided to get some writing done. Usually I write when I’m sober unless it’s a creative project, but the micro-dose felt fine to get my day’s work done.

Around an hour and a half after the dose, I started to feel mellow, and I’m sure it was the mint because I just had coffee very recently. Relaxed in the sense that I would love to watch a movie and take a nap, but it’s still early in the day and I want to make the most out of it. Plus I can eat a few more if I really feel like chilling out, but I chose to keep my current easy-going mindset. Another great perk of this low dose is it didn’t affect my appetite at all. I know some people use THC to increase their appetites, so it seems like you’ll need higher doses for that.

I’m glad that the Petra mints come in a small 50-pack, so you can take them anywhere and also share with friends. I’m going to experiment with gradually higher doses in the near future, as well as getting a better idea of how the 2.5mg will work at social events as an alternative to drinking. Most certainly will take these with me when I see Bohemian Rhapsody in an IMAX Theatre. I don’t see myself taking these before any physical activity like hiking or going to the gym, though.



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