There’s a problem with cannabis edibles. Some cannabis-infused edibles feature an overpowering weed flavor and aroma. The earthy, marijuana taste often overshadows the intended flavors, but not with Utopia Farms’ line of THC and CBD-infused macaroons. Macaroons are dense, sweet, and moist treats originally made of almonds, but can also be made of coconut.

Utopia Farms is a Santa Cruz-based cannabis company that produces artisanal flower, extracts, and edibles for discerning cannabis users. In terms of edibles, they produce delectable gourmet-grade macaroons in peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, and chocolate chip flavors. Utopia’s winning formula of flavors has won industry awards for best edible and best CBD edible.

Utopia won first place for their chocolate chip macaroons at the 2016 Santa Cruz Cup. At the 2017 Santa Cruz Cup, Utopia won Best Cannabis Edible for their peanut butter macaroons.  They also won first place edibles at the 2016 and 2017 Emerald Cup. In 2016, they won second place for Best CBD edible at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.

Their lengthy list of awards is incentive enough to give these light and fluffy treats a try. The company began as an alternative to the no-label and un-tested cannabis edibles that dominated dispensaries up until recently. Without lab testing, medical users can’t determine the chemical profile used to determine dosage. Utopia Farms set out to create products that go beyond industry standards in terms of purity, consistency, and potency.

Utopia’s macaroons are made from indoor, organically-cultivated cannabis flower. Using natural fertilizers and organic pest control techniques, Utopia makes organic products certified by Envirocann, a third-party certification agency. On-site inspections and lab testing ensure every macaroon is raw, gluten-free, vegan, paleo-friendly, kosher-friendly and free from harmful substances.

Every sleek package of Utopia Farms’ macaroons contains four 50 mg THC macaroons. At around $20 per bag, every 50 mg macaroon comes out to around $5 each. These coconut-based macaroons are made with organic everything. Ingredients include agave syrup, Himalayan sea salt, almond powder, coconut, cannabis-infused extra-virgin coconut oil, and vanilla extract.

The macaroons are soft, fluffy, and feature a robust aroma of each flavor. Utopia Farms’ THC macaroons crumble delicately with every bite in an explosion of flavor. With a rather high THC content of 50 mg per macaroon, first-time or low-tolerance users can split the macaroon in half (or less) to consume 25 mg THC. As a high-tolerance user, I had a couple of macaroons over a couple of hours and felt potent mood-boosting effects.

Utopia Farms set themselves apart from other cannabis edible brands through their commitment to transparency. Every batch of products is tested for pesticides, mold, fungus, heavy metals, and residual solvents. The lab results for each batch are publicly available for customers to check the potency, terpenes, and overall chemical profile of each batch of products.

Flavor-wise, Utopia Farms had me at their raspberry macaroons. As an avid pastry enthusiast, these macaroons reminded me of a gourmet treat from a traditional French bakery. Utopia Farms knocks it out of the park with their price point, potency, and taste. For those searching for homemade-quality organic and vegan cannabis edibles, look no further than Utopia’s THC or CBD macaroons.

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