On my recent trip to my favorite Cannabis Dispensary in Portland, Oregon I was on the search for something new and exciting but more importantly, potent. I’ll be honest, during this quarantine, I just haven’t been getting stoned the way I’m used to, so I’ve been in search of something nice to get me ripped. Within a minute of scouring the shelf, I laid eyes on the Black Lime Reserve Live Resin from Buddies Brand, based out of the Rose City for $18 USD a gram and knew that I had to have her. Now, to give you a little strain lineage background, the Black Lime Reserve bred by Aficionado Seeds is a three-way Indica cross that combines a triad of my favorite strains ever in Northern Lights, Purple Kush and Chemdawg. The end result is said to be mind-numbing and has won many a Cannabis Cup so I was beyond jazzed to give this girl a try.


I decided to go with my Mobius Stereo Matrix Bubbler for this session and upon opening the jar to the Black Lime Reserve Live Resin I was hit in the face with deep notes of Skunky Citrus with a honey finish. In terms of consistency, the Black Lime Reserve was so saucy and easy to work with and had a beautiful look of a light-golden pool of terpenes. I was easily able to grab a nice sized dab and once the glob hit the quartz banger, it was blast off time as the Black Lime Reserve instantly had me searching for a place to sit down and catch my breath as this gear was heavy. After one hit I was beyond faded and feeling from head to toe so the Black Lime Reserve is without question a one-hitter quitter. After a few seconds, I was able to feel the fade come on and instantly remove my chronic pains and put me in the perfect mellow mood. As for the flavor, the Black Lime Reserve had a wonderful bouquet that left thick notes of sweet lemons and diesel on my tongue that reminded me of the old school Lemonheads candy. Be warned, as this stuff will keep you heavily sedated for a solid two hours and give you some Major League Munchies as I found myself destroying a bag of Doritos at 1 am thanks to this stuff.


All in all, the Black Lime Reserve Live Resin was all that and then some and was indeed Cup Level Gear. When it came to her taste and pungency, the Black Lime Resin was delicious and left wonderful notes of lemons, diesel, and honey on my tongue well after exhale, so for that reason I gave her a score of 9.3/10. In terms of strength and potency, this is where the Black Lime Reserve made me a fan as this stuff had me so ripped and kept me baked after one solid hit, so for that reason I gave her a score of 9.7/10, making her the highest potency score I’ve given in quite some time. Overall, the Black Lime Reserve Live Resin was the perfect treat to take away the pains and get me high again so I absolutely recommend you pick this up if you are lucky enough to find it on a shelf near you.

Black Lime Reserve Live ResinBlack Lime Reserve Live Resin

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