If you’re looking for something with strength and effective potency, look no further than the Grape Jelly strain by Elyon Cannabis. If you’re unfamiliar with Elyon, they’re a company out of Sonoma County and have been consistently pushing the boundaries of powerful and effective cannabis.


Grape Jelly is an indica dominant hybrid with an interesting background. This strain is a cross between resinous OG Glue and the NYC Diesel derived Sweet Purple D. Boasting a mouthwatering fruity flavor and a surprisingly well-balanced high, Grape Jelly may win over indica and sativa lovers alike. The Grape Jelly strain that I got was from delivery service Kushagram. I was able to get 7 grams for $50 as part of their customary weekend deals. The strain is curated by Elyon Cannabis. I’ve reviewed quite a few of their strains before but Grape Jelly is a first for me. According to Elyon Cannabis, their product is hand-grown in enriched soil, fed with organic (OMRI Certified) nutrients, and harvested at the peak of freshness before being slow cured. “These pristine conditions combined with decades of cultivation experience help us grow some of the most flavorful and potent cannabis in California,” their website states.


Grape Jelly has clear indica roots.The internal makeup of these chunky buds shows a strong indica influence, with leaves twisting tightly inward toward to form a solid core. The leaves themselves are a dappled mix of sage green and dark purple.The long, conical nugs are deep green and frosty, making these colorful buds even more eye-catching. The bud is super hard and dense, but breaks up quite finely. I would100% recommend using a grinder to ge the best out of the Grape Jelly strain. Grape Jelly even has a hint of that grape jelly smell. The batch that I got comes packaged in a pink box for breast cancer awareness. Every pink box sold means a contribution of 0.25 cents to Elyon’s chosen breast cancer research organization. Inside the box is your standard resealable pouch.


Grape Jelly is a strain that the kids would call super dank. It boasts a high THC level and I found it to be very good for promoting sleep. This strain is best used as a nighttime strain as Elyon recommends. You’re going to be sleeping one way or another after consuming this strain so I recommend to just enjoy it when you don’t have to worry about sleeping through commitments. Users may experience a progressive sense of relief from any longstanding knots of muscular tension. I tend to carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and this strain is a helpful aid for loosening that up! Grape Jelly is an awesome appetite stimulant as well due to its tendency to bring out the munchies.


This strain is very strong, and I think for everyday use it’s a bit too much. Grape Jelly is a strain I’d break out if there are a lot of people in the smoke sesh, like on 420 or at a party for example. It’s great for sharing but enjoy responsibly when consuming alone! For more rare and exotic strain reviews, check out realfunctional.com.

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