It’s nearly that holiday to express thanks and stuff our faces to celebrate a bountiful harvest. So, to celebrate, I had to get rid of the hand-made, gifted cannabutter in my freezer and opted to make a giant chocolate chip cookie. It’s so tasty, I ignored my carefully portioned and perfectly even thin slices of the cookie cake… and I can definitely vouch for their strength. I have gotten way too high this week since I took these cookies for a test ride, as if I had forgotten the allure of a well-made treat with high-grade edible butter. Consuming edibles with any other purpose than for anything other than deep rest and total emotional calm, dareisay, numb, is often pointless. I’ve never understood people that can eat an edible and feel any sensation other than waves of relaxation and weight upon the eyes. Everyone’s biology is different, however, so who am I to judge anyone who wants to give the gift of homemade edibles this year!


Here are the tips that I, the supreme, surprise-skilled baker would try (this title comes from my total lack of confidence with consistently awesome results):


1: Use any recipe for dessert that you would normally use in an edible recipe, just as long as the flavors are strong enough the mask the cannabis taste.

2: wouldn’t stray too far from an assigned recipe, as long as it uses a decent amount of butter, or even a smaller amount to create a more subtle high.

3: My giant, edible chocolate chip cookie worked great texturally, and tasted yummy too- I could tell how strong it was from its concentrated taste, but I didn’t have enough chocolate in it to mask that too-strong weed taste.

4: Alternatively, I could have added more butter to my cannabutter to decrease the strength. Although I did not know the dosage used, the butter itself was totally dark green but free of all plant matter.

5: Don’t underbake! If there’s any lingering weed taste at all, you’d rather have these puppies on the crunchier side. It’s less than pleasant to get underdone goo that predominant tastes like weed. That’s why sharp craisins and unmedicated flavorful chocolate are your friends.

6: If you’re going to gift these edibles to lots of different people, a big, strong batch is good because they can split up that one piece into smaller doses.

7: If these treats are all going to one place, maybe consider making more, weaker-dosed treats so that more than one can be enjoyed at a time without bringing on an uncomfortable high.

8: Add-ins that are strong flavor and texture, like craisins, dark chocolate, all kinds of chopped nuts and a sprinkling of salt on top of any of these before they come out of the oven… ooh, baby! I’ve always wanted to make a simple cream cheese + sugar thick frosting to plop on any of these, as well.

9: The following is my list of recipes that can be easily looked up and followed from a variety of sources, but are simple enough to be almost guaranteed good. Get creative with the add-ins once you have a good batter, and these are likely to be a high-hit:

–Banana bread –Brown sugar cookies –Brownies –Matcha cookies

 And trust me friends, even if I wasn’t cookie obsessed, following my rules for baking will still have you wondering if you should have another one. But you probably shouldn’t. Happy baking!


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