Blue Razz is definitely my favorite flavor of slushie, but strain? This badboy is a heavy hitter sedative that knocked me down for the count. I’m a sucker for a sweet flavor profile, and the fruity, skunky aromas come out to sweep you off your feet. Honestly, I wish I had a cartridge of it right now, because I’m under the weather, and I believe the sedative high would help a ton.

This strain hit me with a nice body high, not too intrusive for a nighttime smoke, but only after I’ve completed my work and would feel good about laying down.

For me, laying down is just a natural step when enjoying Blue Razz. I took a few hits wrapped myself in a cozy blanket, and nearly drifted off. Bad cottonmouth woke me back up, and I had to also find a snack to go with my water… which I would attribute to this indica. Strains like this always slow me down and make me hungry- not my ideal mood. When you feel like you need to force your body to slow down in a natural, conscious way, however, bring on the intense indica experiences.

I’m somewhat guilty of denying my body the rest it needs, so I should probably use indicas a little more often than relying on a hybrid. Blue Razz made that slowing down pretty easy, even too much so. I enjoy a nice gradual fade into a tired high. It’s hard to feel generally normal in one instant and then overcome with extra body gravity the next.

What I will absolutely vouch for in this strain is its demolishment of any headache. I get acute migraines, often during menstruation, and just one little hit in the daytime of Blue Razz to soften the sharp ache behind my eyes would be enough. As I sit at home writing this, needing to take a sick day from the office as to contain the spread of germs, sniffling, rubbing my temples, taking too many hits of my hybrid pen, I do wish I had some more of that Blue Razz.

I would say this one is a must for physical health, and proper rest. Not something to take at a concert or show or an adventure, unless you need to share a joint with your friends because they have a killer hangover or sore backs. For a sick day? Or maybe even a pre-Thanksgiving, or holiday-family-meal? Just be aware that it will take the edge off in a big way, and if you’re not trying to look super stoned in front of Nana, use with caution. If your family is a group of chillers however, Blue Razz might even be nice to share with the group as an after-dinner dessert smoke, but make sure you get the dishes in the wash first, or else that will just have to wait till the morning.

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