I’ve been on the hunt for some new and exotic strains recently. I’d been getting tired of all the Cookies and Kushes and I’ve needed something fresh and exciting. So on a recent trip to my local dispensary, I found a brand new strain I knew nothing about in the Lost Coast Hashplant Blonde Wax from Dorado Extracts out of Washington State for $25 USD a gram. I had sampled a few of their strains and so far I’d been very pleased with the products they’d been putting on shelves around the local area. To give you a little lineage background, Lost Coast Hashplant is an Indica-Dominant three-way hybrid that crosses Lost Coast OG with G13 and Hash Plant, creating a Tri-Force for the ages. What caught my attention first about the Lost Coast Hashplant Blonde wax was the heavy terpene content of 9.53% along with the flashy packaging as I’m a sucker consumer. The color of the wax itself wasn’t much to look at as she was a bit dark, yet in the Sun, she had a beautiful golden hue.

I decided to use my Toro Glass bubbler for this session and as soon as I removed the lid from the jar I was able to smell deep notes of pine and lemons. This was a flavor profile I liked that carried with it, wonderful hints of skunk and lavender. As I dug my glass nail into the Blonde wax I was very pleased with the consistency as she was very easy to work with as I was able to grab a perfect sized glob with ease. As soon as the wax hit the Quartz banger I could taste terpenes of lemon along with earthy pine. The delicious flavors lingered on my tongue well after exhale. I’d say I took a nice sized rip and I was pleased with the initial high that wasn’t too strong but I felt it in my head. I decided to take a second dab and boom I was flying. The Lost Coast Hashplant wasn’t a devastating high yet a nice solid stone that left me functional while still alleviating my back pains and anxiety. I was able to focus while still feeling totally medicated. I also found myself with a heavy case of the munchies after a couple of hours so definitely be warned.


In the end, the Lost Coast Hashplant Blonde wax was a superb specimen. When it came to her taste and pungency, she had a delicious bouquet of Pine and Lemons that lasted for days so I gave her a nice score of 9.6/10. In terms of her strength and potency, I enjoyed the Lost Coast Hashplant but also thought it could’ve been a bit stronger for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, it totally did the trick but I felt like the stone wore off a bit too quickly considering I took two big dabs, so I gave her a score of 9.1/10. Overall, the Lost Coast Hashplant was a great sample that I would definitely recommend if you are lucky enough to find it on a dispensary shelf near you.

lost coast hashplant

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