If you’ve been around a dispensary recently, you’ve probably noticed so many different waxes. From Butane Hash Oil to CO2 Hash Oil to Budders and Rosins, it can become pretty confusing as to what the difference between each wax is. Now, I thought I’d seen it all until the other day when I came across the Garlic Breath Blonde Wax from Dorado Extracts out of Washington State for $25 USD a gram. From what I can tell, Blonde Wax gets its name from the light-yellowish blonde color it has due to its purity. At first look, this wax wasn’t exactly blonde but it did have a nice golden hue to it. Now to give you a little background on the lineage, the Garlic Breath is a 50/50 hybrid that crosses GMO Cookies with Mendo Breath and is said to be delicious as well as highly potent.
Looking at the jar of the Cookies Sauce, I could see that this extract was just one gorgeous looking glob of love. As it reflected in the light, I was able to see more of the Blonde color that earned this wax its name. I decided to use my Mobius Matrix Bubbler and upon opening the jar I was met with hints of diesel and citrus with a nice skunky finish. As I placed my nail into the wax I was very happy with the consistency as it was very easy to control the size of dab and stuck nicely to the dabber. As soon as the nail hit my quartz banger I could taste the heavy lemon and gas flavor and found myself choking on a thick cloud of vapor. Now by no means was the vapor harsh and as I exhaled I was able to taste the full terpene profile and could understand why they named it Galic Breath as my palate was coated with a funk that was very reminiscent of lemons as well as believe it or not, garlic. I absolutely would not recommend hitting this and then kissing your significant other as it was beyond funky but I enjoyed it. As I exhaled I could instantly feel a nice heavy stone go from my head to my toes. I wouldn’t call it a couch-lock high but I was heavily baked for a good couple of hours yet was still able to function and play some Madden ’93 Football on the Sega Genesis. The Garlic Breath was perfect for helping to relieve my pain as well as take away my stress and anxiety. I would also say this is the perfect strain for insomnia as I was able to sleep quite nicely on it.
Overall, the Garlic Breath Blonde wax was a wonderful sample that was wonderful on every level. When it came to the flavor and pungency of the Garlic Breath, I truly enjoyed her thick garlicky lemon and diesel notes and gave her a score of 9.4/10 as it left a delicious profile on my palate well after exhale. When it came to her strength and potency, I loved the Garlic Breath as it was strong enough to keep me baked without being incapacitated. I was able to focus but still felt heavily medicated so I gave the Garlic Breath a score of 9.5/10. All in all, this was a top-notch strain that I would definitely grab if you see it on a shelf near you.

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