So I decided to take a trip over the Columbia River into Portland, Oregon this past weekend to see what kind of goodies I could find in the Beaver State. Over the past few months, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the quality of the extracts Oregon producers have been putting out there. Upon scouring the shelves at the Left Coast Dispensary, I found something that caught my attention in the Shiva OG Sugar Wax from Mana Extracts┬ábased out of the Rose City for $21 a gram. The first thing I noticed about the Shiva OG was its saucy consistency that almost made her appear more like a live resin with the look of amber honey with diamonds. I was also sold on her 9% Terpene level as well. Now, from what I can tell, the Shiva OG is a three-way cross of Jager Og Kush X Blue Buddha X Mr.Magoo. I had never heard of this triple threat so I was very excited to give her a whirl. I was a little hesitant at the price point of $21 USD for just a sugar wax but I decided to pull the trigger as Mana has a solid reputation.


I decided to go with my Mobius Stereo Matrix bubbler for this session and upon opening the jar I was hit in the nostrils with heavy tones of Gas and Pine. As I dipped my nail into the Shiva Sugar Wax, I was extremely pleased with the consistency as I was able to grab the perfect sized glob. Once in the quartz banger, I could instantly taste her heavy diesel tones along with a nice back of pine and lemon. Upon exhale, I was hit met with a strong stone that I could feel from head to toe. It wasn’t a devastating high but nice and relaxing and had me chilling out listening to some old-school jams. By no means was this a couch-lock fade but it had me feeling the high nicely. My eyes were very heavy and my smile was from ear to ear so this was a stone I highly recommend (Pun intended). After a second dab, because I needed to taste her bouquet again, I was in Lala Land and feeling beyond amazing. My normal back pains were non-existent and I was flying high for a few hours. Overall, I found the Shiva OG to be the perfect strain for a night hanging out with friends as I was relaxed and mellow but still able to function and hold a somewhat decent conversation.


In the end, the Shiva OG was an awesome strain that kept me nice and baked without being too narcotic. When it came to strength and potency, I truly enjoyed the feeling it gave me as I was medicated while still able to get some stuff done so I gave her a 9.5/10. When it came to the flavor and pungency of the Shiva OG, this is where she earned her respect. The flavor profile of Gas and Pine with a hint of citrus lasted on the palate well after exhale and the taste was so unique so I gave the Shiva OG a score of 9.8/10 which is one of the highest pungency scores I’ve given all year. If you happen to come across the Shiva OG, do not hesitate to grab her up as you will not be disappointed.

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