The Mirage strain by Savage Flower is the perfect strain for sharing with friends. The Mirage strain is a hybrid that isn’t overwhelming but has the best effects of both sides of the spectrum. Consumers of the Mirage strain get to enjoy the relaxing and calming benefits of the bud while still experiencing that uplift in mood and energy. Mirage is a great strain for intermediate cannabis consumers or just those who can’t handle strains that are too high in THC content.


Savages’ Mirage is a great social strain. Perfect for the beach and even helps relax the mind giving you a happy-go-lucky attitude! This fruity hybrid tastes of citrusy-sweet lemonade crashing into bold, ripe oranges. From the very first inhale the back of your eyelids will begin to shutter as the effects take hold. Staying clear of couch-lock and heart racing paranoia, it seems possible to smoke this one forever without reaching a limit to her heights! Mirage by Savage Flower is cultivated by Cannabis World Cultivation with clones provided by Dark Heart Nursery. I got an eighth of this strain for $30. The batch that I got tested at 16.40%, which is fairly moderate for a sativa dominant strain.


The Mirage strain comes packaged in a colorful glass jar labeled with all pertinent info life THC content and harvest date. The first scent that hits you is the sweet, acidic scent of grapefruit. The aroma of this strain has been likened to both citrus fruits and straight up lemonade. The smell is similar to the Joe’s Lemonade strain but not quite as strong. The bud is fluffy and sticky with only a slightly dense texture. The size of the nugs range from small to medium-sized. A grinder is recommended for this bud to get the most out of it and avoid the hassle of breaking up the sticky nugs.




The effects of the Mirage strain leave consumers feeling energetic, uplifted, euphoric, happy, and calm. This strain is great for consumers who like productive highs. This strain works wonders when you feel like you need a bit of extra energy to get through the work day or an extra boost to complete any tasks you have at hand. The Mirage strain makes you feel like you can conquer anything. The Mirage strain works well for mood disorders such as anxiety, stress, or depression as well. This strain is versatile and a variety of consumers can find a use for it.



This strain is great for when you need a little boost of energy and aren’t a fan of caffeinated drinks or energy drinks. I’d recommend this strain to sativa fanatics due to its quick and noticeable effects. Mirage by Savage Flower is a cool, affordable strain with positive effects and a pleasant smell. This strain will satisfy even the toughest of cannabis critics. It works well in a blunt or a bowl. Whatever your favorite method of consumption, Mirage will deliver the great effects you’re looking for. RealFunctional approves! Let us know how you like it in the comments below!

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