With so many different strains and types of cannabis, it’s no wonder so many consumers are turning to sites like RealFunctional for advice and what kind of strain to smoke and when. It’s hard to keep track of! Some individuals can be snob-like in their pursuit of a specific strain, which is reasonable in a market with such a large volume of products and varieties, a consumer should have standards. And then there’s me. I like most kinds of weed, most times. That said, I hate to fulfill my cannabis craving with the incorrect high for the moment. I definitely wake and bake when I’m having a rough morning, and if I hit the wrong cartridge before a day where my absolute best productivity is needed, it’ll really throw me off. Most strains I like to buy are hybrids, in an attempt to find that balance between heady, mental highs, and an all-over good feeling in my body. I usually don’t like to be couchlocked, but I also like a sleep aid on a regular basis. What’s a girl to do? It’s a real Goldilocks situation where finding the strains that are “just right” becomes my main mission when it’s time to hit the dispensary. I don’t usually research too hard beforehand, just speak to my budtender and try new strains for myself. I like to feel how they will affect me with limited bias.

 This is my definitely list of strains that I have found to be quite fulfilling in a variety of situations- a group for versatility if you don’t want to put too much research or guesswork into a malleable high.


Triple Diesel is great sativa, perfect for a burst of mentally energy in single-hits, and calmer in bigger doses.


Skywalker OG is a California mainstay for pain relief with minimal body-weariness.


Girl Scout Cookies gives you the fun head high, plus a relieving permeation throughout a sore body.


Blueberry brings an epic sense of tranquility, but pairs well with caffeine like a strong morning painkiller and good ‘tude. 


Death Star is a surprisingly high-energy indica that can be used as a sedative in larger doses.


Headband is epically bred from heavy-hitters on both sides of the aisle, making for a surprisingly balanced, but powerful high.


Tahoe OG is another strong strain with a gradual come-on that will leave you grinning from ear to ear, no matter what’s going down.


Chemdawg is a hybrid popular to crossbreed, as this potent strain makes good support for more of a lean toward an indica or hybrid, and expect it to pack a punch on both levels.


Cannatonic hits that sweet 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC so you know you’re getting that good high and an equal serving of a symptom-slaying soothing.


Fruit Loops is as tasty as it sounds, and is mellow enough to put the day’s stressors. 


Cherry Pie is another anxiety meltor, great for a short smoke window with a long-period of affectedness. 


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