With so many sweet dessert strains winning Cannabis Cup’s these days like the Girl Scout Cookies and Wedding Cake, there is no shortage of delicious cannabis flavors out there. On a recent trip to my local dispensary, I found a new cup winner that’s been taking the cannabis world by storm in the Gelato sugar wax from WA Growers. The Gelato aka “Larry Bird Kush” is an Indica-Dominant cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies which are two of some of my favorite strains. Gelato, bred by Berner and Jigga over at Cookie Fam Genetics, is said to be some heavy duty smoke and to use caution when partaking. That warning had me beyond excited to take her for a spin. Now on first glance, this sugar wax is breathtaking. Golden-reddish, the color on the Gelato will leave you in awe. She shined so brilliantly in the light that the pictures truly don’t do it justice. This is no doubt some top tier gear right here.

I decided to use my bootleg Mothership Faberge Egg rig and once I opened the jar on this wax it was obvious she was absolutely special. These little diamonds of goodness were so pretty that I almost felt bad vaping them…Almost. As soon as I dug my nail into the wax, I was a tiny bit disappointed as it was a little brittle, but with a little coaxing, I was able to get a nice amount on my dabber. Once it hit the hot quartz, it was blast off time. I was stuck trying to catch my breath as the Gelato’s vapor fully expanded my lungs on inhale. It wasn’t a harsh vapor but it was heavy and not for the weak as she instantly had me forehead sweating and searching for a seat. This was some potent wax right here but it was also delicious as it left me with heavy tones of skunk and lavender on the palate. The Gelato had the flavor of true OG Kush and reminded me of opening bags of the ocean grown, back in Southern California during the ”90s-’00s. I was sold on the Gelato after the first rip as this was some serious fire. They say it’s a hybrid but it felt like an Indica, which I loved, but this stuff is definitely not for the rookies. I’d say the Gelato is a great strain for pain relief as it made my back ailments completely disappear, but be warned, this stuff causes heavy munchies as I was able to put down enough taquitos for an Army.

Overall, this was another amazing extract experience and I’m truly blown away by the quality and price point of the sugar waxes and live resins I’ve been sampling recently. The Gelato had Cup contender written all over it, so in regards to strength and potency, I gave her a huge score of 9.7/10. When it came to the Gelato’s flavor and pungency, I truly enjoyed the bouquet of terpenes that left me with heavy notes of skunk and diesel on my tongue so I gave it a score of 9.5/10. I’d say this is right up there with any wax or resin I have sampled in 2019. Don’t hesitate to give her a try if you see a good Gelato sample on a shelf near you.

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