I’ll be honest, I can’t stand most of these new cannabis strain names I’m seeing these days. I recently saw a Charlie Sheen Kush which left me just mad along with a baby diaper OG which I wanted no part of and the other day at my local dispensary, I found a strain that just had me shaking my head in the Purple Panty Dropper from Forbidden Farms out of Washington State. It was seriously difficult to tell the female budtender the name of the strain without feeling like a creep but I had to know what this was all about and at $12USD a gram I couldn’t pass it up. Now, the Purple Panty Dropper is a three-way Indica-Dominant cross of Purple Haze, Oregon Grape, and Matanuskan Mist. This one had some good bloodlines so I was eager to give her a go.

At first glance, the wax was extremely saucy and a bit darker than most of the waxes I’m used too but seeing as how she came from a purple strain I was willing to let that slide. I decided to use my Toro Glass Bubbler and as soon as my nail touched the extract I was happy to see it was not too saucy as I was able to easily control the amount of the dab. I grabbed a nice fat glob and as soon as it touched my quartz banger it was blast off. This wax was heavy but not too strong on the lungs. I was able to hold the hit in for a few seconds and upon exhale, I was hit with a robust grape and diesel flavor that was sweet and delicious. As for the stone, this was some potent stuff and had me smiling from ear to ear instantly as my eyes became heavy. I was fully ripped on my first dab and did not need anymore. At first, I thought I would have more energy with this strain but it was quickly apparent this was going to be some couch-lock goodness as I didn’t move from the sofa as I was watching some Dateline on NBC or as I like to call it, “Murder Porn” for a solid two hours. Once I came too I was instantly met with a heavy case of the munchies and put down some amazing Coney Island Chili Dogs from up the street at my new favorite spot. The Purple Panty Dropper didn’t drop any panties but it did help relieve my pain and stress and I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for help in the hunger department.

I absolutely enjoyed the Purple Panty Dropper even though I hated the name. This cross had me nice and stoned and left me with a beautiful bouquet of aromas so in terms of taste and pungency, I gave her a 9.0/10 as I loved the delicate fruit and diesel tones she gave off. As for the potency and strength, the Purple Panty Dropper was superb as it left me super stoned each time I took a dab. I found it to be a perfect strain for pain relief as well as anxiety and stress along with insomnia but be careful as the munchies can be a doozy so I gave it a score of 9.4/10. If you see some at your local shop, don’t hesitate to ask for her by name as the embarrassment is definitely worth the fade.

purple panty dropper wax

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