It seems like every canna-business idea under the sun is getting snatched up. There’s a million themes, products, price points, and store fronts, and everyone is finding their niche. As a woman deeply aware of her status in the world, I’m keen on finding female representation in all the areas of my life which I believe are lacking. For a long time, I was sure cannabis would always be one of those “boys clubs” where women just have to live with whatever the guys are doing for themselves. In this age where gender has been officially outed as a societal construct, it’s truly heartening whenever a someone other than a cis white hetero man breaks onto a scene. Within the cannabis industry, it’s so exciting to see the recognition of its importance to femme and non-male identifying people! I would love to one day see, or even front the creation myself (if you decide you want to get in on the ground floor, please reach out to me and we’ll collaborate), would be a subscription based delivery box of femme cannabis products.

Unboxings have become a YouTube genre unto itself and subscription services have reached what feels like a ubiquitous level. Every common good that we are expected to burn through with any regularity can be ordered in a subscription, the idea being that it will save you waste and therefore money over time. It’s hard to say whether that’s true until you compile and check that amount against your own budget and expenses, but from meal services, to luxury alcohol and cheeses, to razor blades and tooth brushes… you can live your life in subscriptions. Every single “basic home” item on Amazon requires the shopper to change the purchase from subscription to single. So why not a service that provides the kinds of cannabis products I would want? There are currently a bunch of subscription services for cannabis available, but none that I could find that were specifically geared toward women, and most seem to be brand-specific.

My roommate has an Ipsy subscription, or at least did when her income was slightly more expendable. It’s a service where samples of makeup and beauty products from different brands and companies are delivered to your door on a monthly basis for a static and reasonable fee. Almost as soon as I learned of this service, I realized that I would be down for the same thing… for weed and weed products. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy makeup, and especially enjoy skincare, but those are items that could ostensibly be included in the Womxn’s Cannabis Box (trademark not quite pending). Obviously, there are boxes tailored to certain lifestyles, price points, and product type, but not all are customizable. But my original inspiration comes from Ipsy, as this is a niche within the markets where its potential clients don’t even get exposed to the things made for female identifying people. Different brands in one cute little makeup bag so we can see the quality of each. I would love to pay to receive or gift a monthly arrival of a cute little, decorated cigar box filled with small samples of flower, pre-rolls, grams of oil, lubricants, suppositories,  topicals, beauty products, small smoking pieces, coupon codes, perhaps alternatively a hemp article of clothing on the special occasion. Don’t get me wrong, the cannabis boxes available look fine, but not something just right for me… yet.


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