I love the idea of a bath. Right? It’s so pleasant to dip your body into a flower-lined pool of hot water, enveloping your body as steam rises to meet your face in dewy droplets. The frequent reality is actually a little different than the perfect bath-lounging Instagram picture, at least for me. It means taking the time to ensure the tub is properly clean, free of all mold, hair, soap scum and empty conditioner bottles. That way, I feel clean and not soaking in a public hot tub at the local motel. Most apartment bathtubs are not the round, deep luxurious tubs we can imagine a Kardashian is lounging in at any given moment. That said, we’re all rushing to improve our small, sad rectangles with crooked necks, straining to get our bodies in the tub and cover most of your body with water… by tossing in a bath bomb. I myself have fallen prey to the trend, but you can trust me, I’m not getting my bath essences at Lush… for my soak accessories, I’m exclusively shopping at the dispensary.

Honestly, I have yet to decide which cannabis bath products to buy for myself because I was gifted a jar of CannaCare Bath Salts that I’m still getting through. Because of my lackluster bath situation, I don’t take as many as I’d like. However, the healing power of a bath is such that I cannot deny, especially for muscle pain. So far, after the toughest workouts or muscle pulls, and even more common, the early days of my period, CannaCare bath salts have definitely proved their value. The last time I took a bath with just an essence-laden bath bomb, it was absolutely relaxing and calming and pleasant, but I feel the most bodily soothing effects came from the temperature of the water and the long soak.The key difference in bath-time with CannaCare versus without is longevity in relief.

I actively noticed the subsiding pain in my body after adding the recommended 2 tablespoons to my bath. A regular, albeit amazing smelling, soak found me still aching hours later. The medicine-grade cannabis present in these bath salts really did the trick after a decent hour to let them penetrate my pores as much as possible. On their own, the bath salts smell quite fragrant, of delicate lemongrass and tea tree oils, but my favorite scent, lavender, comes through the strongest. Even with its essential oils, I did enjoy throwing in another small, unmedicated chamomile bath bomb to supplant the therapeutic properties and pleasant smells of the superior soaking product.

CannaCare believes in using a carefully measured ratio of CBD to THC, and that the effectiveness of both is maximized in topicals and other healing products with miniscule levels of THC. Their topicals are crafted with the purpose of CBD being the actual restorative component, and THC the pain relief. I would be extremely curious about lotion topicals crafted by the company, as I find it difficult to commit the time to the full blown activity of a bath as often as I’d like to benefit from the salts. For a soak however, CannaCare is a magical delight.

On their website, CannaCare touts the incredible detoxifying abilities of cannabis, using the example of it being planted in Chernobyl to absorb not just nutrients, but all of the toxins, poisons and heavy metals in the dirt. If that isn’t the hippiest, timeliest, most compelling reason to soak and slather yourself in cannabis, I don’t know what else is. 

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