Blueberry Diesel is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is absolute gas. Like its name, the bud takes on beautiful purple hues and emits the unmistakable aroma of a potent indica. Blueberry Diesel comes from crossing the indica strain Blueberry with sativa strain Sour Diesel. Blueberry also overwhelms the flavor of these sticky flowers, which should have plenty of trichomes and long orange hairs.


Effects tend to be happy and relaxing but not too overwhelming, making this a popular choice for many kinds of patients. Consumers of this strain report feeling happy, relaxed, euphoric, giggly, and hungry. Unsurprisingly, blueberry is the most prominent aroma that wafts up from these flowers in fruity and tangy waves. An astringent gasoline tang also comes through upon breaking up the weed, thanks to the Diesel in the strain’s background. Grinding up the buds yields some dank and earthy notes. Surprisingly for a Diesel-infused strain, Blueberry Diesel burns with a very smooth smoke when combusted. Nevertheless, this smoke leaves behind a fruity and somewhat sharp aftertaste. Notably, this bud’s blue hues are attributed to its blueberry flavor — while botanical color is determined by pigments, aroma is dictated by separate compounds called terpenes.


Also known as Blue Diesel, the Blueberry Diesel strain boasts a fairly high THC content. The THC content is about 15%, with a range from 13-23%, making it a decently potent but not overpowering strain. The Blueberry diesel marijuana strain is prescribed for patients who suffer from stress, loss of appetite, lower back pain, migraines, insomnia, glaucoma, anxiety and ADD/ADHD. Blueberry Diesel can also temporarily take the edge off of depression. Because its sativa onset is not particularly cerebral or intense, this strain may be a good choice for those who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC. Blueberry Diesel is a strain that has an effect that could be described as a calming high. Mainly, it is due to its indica properties. As the high creeps in, consumers experience a heightened focus, as well as the general feeling of relaxation.


Seeds of Blueberry Diesel are available from several digital retailers. Once obtained, it can be grown indoors or out, although successful outdoor cultivation calls for a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 72- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the weight, as it grows taller, the plant might need to be supported. Because of that, you will want to use the Low-Stress Training (LST) growing method throughout its growth. In an outdoor setting with open spaces, Blueberry Diesel grows up to 6 feet. It has a slightly earlier flowering time than other strains that starts as early as September. With good growth, it has a moderate to a generous yield of 16 to 21 ounces per plant.


Blueberry Diesel is a mesmerizing strain that is sure to satisfy a variety of consumers from medical to recreational users. Popular in places like Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado, Blueberry Diesel has quickly climbed the charts here in California. Daytime or nighttime, Blueberry Diesel is always a great strain to reach for. Let us know how you like this sweet-smelling strain in the comments below.

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