I’ve been doing more dabbing than I’d like to recently, as it really intoxicates me and destroys my tolerance, but enough whining, it is what it is. I’ve also been recovering from the weak ending of what might be, the greatest television show ever created in “Game of Thrones.” The reason I bring this up is the other day I found a Sugar Wax named after the show in “The Red Wedding,” so I had to see what this was all about. For those that aren’t familiar, “The Red Wedding” was a scene in “The Game of Thrones” where pretty much half of the cast was murdered, so you get the picture. (My sincere apologies for the spoiler) My hopes were that this strain produced by WA Growers out of Washington State, would kill my pain but it was a Sativa so I had low expectations. Either way, at a price point of $17USD a gram it seemed like a bargain, so I pulled the trigger. Now, from what I can tell the Red Wedding is a brand new strain, as I wasn’t able to find any lineage information on her whatsoever. My guess is she’s a hybrid crossing the strain Wedding Cake or she earned her name based off her color, but again these are just guesses.

Now at first glance, the Red Wedding Sugar Wax is what I would describe as otherworldly. This sample looked like a live resin with heavy terpenes and had the brightest reddish orange color I have ever seen in an extract and might actually be where she gets her name. It was as if I was looking at little fluorescent reddish orange pop rocks. I seriously did a double take at the sheer beauty of this sample. When I opened the jar I was able to smell her lemon and skunk flavors which had me very excited. I decided to use my Toro Glass Bubbler and upon sticking my nail into the jar I was happy to find the consistency of the Sugar Wax easy to deal with and not too dry or wet. I grabbed a nice glob and touched it to the nail and in seconds I was inhaling something special. Instantly after taking the hit in, I could feel the stone taking place and it was super heavy and narcotic, to say the least. I choked for a few seconds and upon catching my breath I was in the clouds. My eyes were totally shut and I was beyond stoned. I was ripped! This my friends, is the real deal, without question, one hitter quitter. All I can say is Wow as the Red Wedding Sugar Wax had me so Fubar. I would say at about the 10-minute mark the cottonmouth had set in and I was couch locked. I’ve heard Indica’s mean “In Da Couch” but this so-called Sativa also had me in the couch. This extract was super potent but it didn’t put me to sleep. It just made me incapacitated and unable to do anything for the first 15-20 minutes as I was a complete sloth. This stuff is super heady and not for the beginner. As for the flavor, she was mellow but had a nice finishing flavor that I’d describe as lemons and pine. I actually feel as if the wax may have been mislabeled as this stuff had me baked like a straight Indica. I’ll be doing more research and will update all of you in the future, but I’ve been dabbing this Sugar Wax for the last three days and it still hits me like a freight train every time I take a dab. I’ve actually been saving it for the night time as she’s way too strong during the day.

The Red Wedding Sugar Wax was absolutely a great narcotic strain. In regards to her flavor and pungency, she could have been tastier so I gave it a rating of just 8.7/10. Now, in terms of strength and potency, this was where The Red Wedding literally took the Cake (Pun intended) as it was serious fire, so I gave it a score of 9.8/10, which is the highest potency score I have given so far this year. Look out for the Red Wedding in a dispensary near you as she’s an absolute winner.

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