I’ve been finding some very interesting new extract strains at my local dispensary this year. One of which I had the pleasure of sampling this week in the Alien Candy Sugar Wax from Snicklefritz aka Phat Panda out of Washington State. The Alien Candy is an Indica dominant Hybrid that brings together Sour Dubble with Tahoe Alien Kush, both of which I thoroughly enjoy. At first look, the wax was a tiny bit on the dry side which I tend to stray away from but at a price of $15USD gram I decided to take a shot.

Other than being a little bit on the dry side, the wax did have a nice golden color to it and a strong smell of citrus and skunk once I opened the jar. I’ve honestly had terp sauces that weren’t this pungent, so I was very excited to give this wax a try. I decided to use my Toro Bubbler and as I dipped my glass nail into the wax I was happy to find it pliable and sticking to the nail without any issues. I grabbed a nice sized dab and once it hit the quartz banger I could instantly taste the heavy skunk flavor throughout my lungs. One solid hit and I was ripped. It took me a good 30 seconds to catch my breath and get my feet under me after the hit and whoa, this was some very potent gear. The stone was heavy on the brain yet smooth on the lungs. As I exhaled I could taste more of her sweet lemon tones along with the skunk. I would usually call this a one-hitter quitter but I ended up taking two dabs and boy was I feeling it. The Alien Candy provided me with a great amount of pain relief and definitely assisted in my insomnia, as It put me down for a good nap at 2 pm on a Tuesday. Once I awoke, I was definitely feeling the munchies as I hit up my favorite Coney Island hot dog spot and put down two along with a burger. Good times to say the least.

This Alien Candy was truly a wonderful extract experience. In terms of pungency, I was amazed at the full flavor of this sugar wax so I gave it a score of 9.3/10. As for strength and potency, this extract was up there and had me just as baked as most resins. At one point I truly forgot it was just sugar wax and not live resin as her taste and high were as good as any of the stuff I usually have to pay $30USD a gram or more for. In the end, I loved the stone and the ability to help me with my pain but also my insomnia, so I gave her a 9.4/10. If you are able to find this strain in your neck of the woods don’t hesitate to give it a try as I found this to be one of my favorite waxes of the year thus far.

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