If you like Meyer lemon pie or lemon poppy seed scones, you’ll definitely want to try out the Lemon Jack strain. Lemon Jack hits you with its energetic and robust Sativa-dominant effects. Its citrus and stimulating characteristics will keep you upbeat and in a good mood.

Lemon Jack is a cross between Jack Herer and Lemon Kush strains. Jack Herer is an extremely popular Sativa strain that gives users a rush of euphoria. Lemon Jack will definitely give you the fuel you need to tackle your day. Use it to wake up in the morning or get the party started.

Functional High

Lemon Jack delivers a manageable concentration of THC, between 13 and 18% THC. Light-to-moderate users will experience a moderate high with visual enhancement and a cerebral buzz. Lemon Jack’s THC content falls in the moderate-to-high range giving any kind of user a pleasurable experience.

Frosty Lemon Jack

Despite its moderate THC content, Lemon Jack has plenty of amber-colored trichome hairs throughout its dark green buds.  Lemon Jack’s unique color combination features deep green leaves and red, orange, and brown hairs. Lemon Jack’s compact structure showcase the green and burnt orange colors very well.

Lemon Tang

As you may expect with a name like Lemon Jack, you’ll get plenty of citrus and lemon notes reminiscent of sour candy or a strong lemonade. Along with lemon scent, Lemon Jack comes with a distinct pine, herbal, and spicy aroma. Some users also report smelling hints of a diesel-like or chemical scent.

Lemon Jacked Up

Lemon Jack is a great primer for a creative or productive pursuit. Vacuum the entire house or write a new song to perform at an open mic. Lemon Jack will ease your mind so you can focus on the task at hand. Many users love this strain to get them going in the morning. Get a burst of momentum and vitality with a dab or bowl of Lemon Jack. A microdose is all you need.

Mind and Body High

Stay awake and alert with a hit of Lemon Jack. Pair it with your favorite cup of coffee to get your day started. You’ll feel energized, focused, and generally content. Lemon Jack is strong enough to relax any tense muscles and racing thoughts. Too much of it, however, can induce paranoia and anxiety.

Lemon Jack is a flavorful and fun high that can be used at any time. As a writer and musician, I love these types of strains to keep my creative juices flowing. You won’t feel lazy or consumed by negative self-talk. Lemon Jack gives you the mental and physical boost to get you going on those days when you need an extra pick-me-up.

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