Bruce Lee OG is a need to try cannabis strain for an amazing deal. In Los Angeles, it’s not hard to walk a few steps and not hit a medical marijuana dispensary. Bruce Lee OG is a strain that was on special at one of these walk-in, no name, local dispensaries. (I later found out the name of the dispensary is KushTown. It’s on Jefferson for those who live in LA.) With $40 in hand and the intent to get as much weed as possible, I was introduced to the Bruce Lee OG strain. This strain induces a relaxing, creativity boosting high that leaves consumers feeling content.

The Bruce Lee OG strain isn’t one you go for if you’re concerned about looks. The small, pebble sized bugs are fluffy and soft. They crumble easily between the fingers, making it a breeze for rolling. The stems are hard and rather annoying, so I wouldn’t recommend breaking those down along with the bud. The smell is intense and bright. That’s what enticed me to get Bruce Lee OG over another strain that was $10 more for the 14g. The colors are subtle but still recognizably green and orange.

Lee consumed cannabis, which, shortly after his death in the 70s, created rumors that Lee died from an allergic reaction to the herb. No such evidence was found of course, since, according to Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit, cannabis was ultimately ruled out as a cause of his death.

The effects last about 2 hours max. The effects are quick to set in and the come down isn’t too tragic. Bruce Lee OG is an indica dominant hybrid that does its name justice. Just like the martial arts master’s one-inch punch, this flower is strong and effective. Hailing from a family lineage of OG Kush means that its unknown genetics are likely what gives it its power. Its cerebral effects are a rush, but a short-lived jolt of energy.

The high from Bruce Lee OG quickly and gently fades into a full body buzz putting you in a complete state of relaxation. Unlike its namesake, this flower melts away pain and muscle spasms instead of inflicting it on you. Because Bruce Lee OG has a typical THC content over 20% the effects can often feel sedating. Let this strain kung-fu fight your stress, depression, nausea and pain with its euphoric, mood lifting and relaxing qualities. However, because its psychedelic effect lasts approximately half an hour, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Bruce Lee OG can also be used to calm nausea, minor pains and muscle spasms.

This auto-flowering strain is easy to grow. Kannabia recommends an 18-20-hour photoperiod. Ranging between 50 and 60 centimeters in height, the Bruce Lee OG strain is a short and speedy plant that needs just 60 to 65 days to reach harvest. When grown outside, the strain will bush out more and can reach up to 75 centimeters. These plants may produce up to 50 grams per plant and can flourish in a Sea of Green setup. If you’re jut looking to enjoy the fruits of the labor rather than participate in the growing process, you can check out apps like Weedmaps for local dispensaries in your area that carry the Bruce Lee OG strain.

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