The Diamond strain, also known as Diamond OG, boasts impressively large flowers. These stubby, bullet-shaped nugs adhere in a dense, solid bud structure that is typically associated with indicas. Leaves are a dark shade of olive green and are threaded through with purple and orange pistils. A thick layer of frosty, resinous amber trichomes glitters on the inner and outer surfaces of these flowers and makes them particularly sticky. This indica dominant bud is fluffy and not very dense, so it’s easy to break up with your hands, however, a grinder is recommended if you’d like to keep the generous layer of kief covering the bud and have more consistency in sizing for rolling blunts or papers.

Diamond OG will run you an insignificant amount of money when it comes to procuring this fine strain in shops and through delivery services. I was able to find the Diamond OG strain at a local dispensary here in LA at 3.5 g for $20. For the price I paid, Diamond OG was surprisingly dank. I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself overcome with the potency of this awesome strain. It was an impulse buy that was undoubtedly worth the money. I wouldn’t recommend this strain for daytime use due to its incredible ability to make consumers lethargic and sleepy. This strain is perfect for a nighttime sesh or before bed.

Diamond OG is super potent, making it a top choice for medical marijuana users. Some say it’s a straight phenotype of its parent, whereas others say it’s the child of OG Kush and another unknown Indica. Ultimately, though, that’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is that this is quite powerful weed, at 15-22% THC, and it definitely has strong medicinal potential. Effects of this strain include relaxation, calming, euphoria, increase in creativity, stress reduction, anxiety reduction, and induces giggles. This strain also has very strong and long-lasting analgesic effects that are extremely beneficial to patients with chronic pain. Diamond OG offers what might only be described as a creeper of a high, often taking several minutes after users have savored its taste before its effects can be detected. A feeling of heaviness falls on the brow and eyelids; some consumers may even feel dizzy or lightheaded, but I thankfully did not encounter these types of issues. Relaxation spreads quickly, and smokers may head for refuge on the closest comfortable couch. Some mental effects are also present, but rather than cerebral or thoughtful, users are likely to feel elevated and euphoric. This sublime balance between body and head high can be an excellent way to unwind and allow the stresses and annoyances of the day to melt away.

Diamond OG is a precious gem of a strain that patients love for its potent and long-lasting effects. A true indica, this strain induces full-body relaxation that may help temper pain and muscle spasms before settling into an overall laziness. It can leave you mentally euphoric in smaller doses, but it’s definitely not one for times when work or even wakefulness needs to happen as it is effective against insomnia. Diamond OG is the result of an unknown strain crossed with OG Kush and has the familiar OG aroma of citrus-pine supported by fuel undertones. These sparkling nugs are a beauty to show off.

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