From low-budget horror flicks to zany sci-fi animation, Hulu’s got you covered for your next weed-induced movie night. I’ve been a long-time Netflix subscriber, but I recently added a Hulu subscription into the mix. Hulu has been my go-to streaming service for cerebral, hilarious, and dramatic entertainment. If you have Hulu, don’t miss out on these tv shows and movies while stoned.

Bong Appétit

“Bong Appétit” combines food, cooking, and cannabis into one entertaining and informative show. Explore how cannabis can be infused into a variety of cuisines from around the world. The hosts and cooks utilize extracts, terpenes, infused oil and butter, and fresh flower buds to turn a gourmet dish into something that can get you stoned beyond belief. Make sure you have a few munchies by your side because you’re going to get hungry.


Relive the same crushing angst you felt in middle school with “PEN15,” a comedy series about two best friends and their adolescent troubles. What makes this show stand out is the fact that the writers are in their early 30s and play middle school students, while the rest of the student body are normal middle school students. “PEN15’s” humor and wit abound making it a binge-able tv show after a few dabs.

Rick & Morty

I’m late to the “Rick & Morty” fan club, but I’m glad to have finally experienced its weird and eccentric humor. Morty’s just a normal teenager who gets wrapped up in his genius grandpa, Rick Sanchez’, crazy schemes. Everyone dies multiple times throughout the show, but it’s ok because, in this animated intergalactic universe, everyone exists across multiple universes. Take a puff, sit back, and let Rick and Morty take you on their near-death experiences to a galaxy far away.

Party Down

With only two seasons under its belt, “Party Down” is a cult comedy show that must be watched by all, especially if you partake in a bit of cannabis. Check out the miserable and dreary lives of a catering staff made up of Hollywood hopefuls. Set in Los Angeles, California, each episode follows the crew and their efforts to not ruin the party à la “The Office.” “Party Down” has a star-studded cast portraying the reality of many people who don’t “make it” in Hollywood.

The Act

As an avid fan of everything true crime, I was on the edge of my seat throughout Hulu’s latest show, “The Act.” This mini-series stars Patricia Arquette and Joey King as mother-and-daughter Dee Dee Blanchard and Gypsy Rose Blanchard, respectively. Dee Dee, the mother, fabricated various illnesses confining Gypsy Rose to a wheelchair and made her use a feeding tube for most of her life.

Gypsy escalating resentment and her relationship with her mentally-unhealthy boyfriend ramp up the show into a tragic and dramatic finale. Part horror and part thriller. Take a hit to relax before you learn about the disturbing events that occurred inside the Blanchard home.

Free Solo

“Free Solo” takes you along on the death-defying journey of Alex Honnold who attempts to become the first person to free solo climb El Capitan, a humongous vertical rock formation in Yosemite. A bit of cannabis can help you immerse yourself even more into the frustration, suffering, and tension of climbing a rock without rope or safety equipment. These modern-day daredevils don’t always make it down safely, which makes this free solo journey that much more intense and exhilarating.

There are simply too many things to stream on Hulu while stoned. Whether you need a new tv show to binge or are looking for a high-octane, action-packed movie, Hulu has a few diamonds in the rough. You can never go wrong with classics like “Seinfeld,” “Arrested Development,” “Cheers,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” as long as you pair it with your favorite strain, extract, or edible.

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