Some of the first brands to pop up when the topic of discussion are vapes are Stiiizy, Brass Knuckles, and various other starter kits and cartridges. In this product review, we’ll be covering the Stiiizy original sized vape pens to the BIIG Stiiizy model that was recently released.


The Stiiizy starter kit comes with a 210mAh battery and charger cord. It also comes with a little booklet of instructions which I promptly tossed in the trash. It’s rather self-explanatory. The cartridges must be purchased separately. Depending on where you go they can range from $15-$25 for half gram cartridges and $35-$55 for full gram cartridges. I really wanted something that was going to last long and give me a lot of bang for my buck. I went for the full gram cartridge of a strain called Skywalker OG.

The sleek design of the Stiiizy starter kit makes it easy to slip into your pocket or bag. The discreet design of the Stiiizy vape pen is perfect for those who want to consume their favorite strains on the go or at home without the accompanying potent smell of flower. However, the slightly weak 210mAh battery makes the $20 product a little cheap.

A major fault I found in the Stiiizy original starter kit was the connection between the battery and THC pod. It’s somewhat magnetic but not strong at all, causing air to leak through that small crack where the cartridge connects with the battery. The only way I found the pen was able to hit was by holding my finger over the problem area.

Another con where the Stiiizy starter kit is concerned is the battery life is similar to a cell phone, especially when using the vape pen often. This means consumers who plan to use this vape pen regularly throughout the day should expect to charge their battery at least 6 hours every night.


The difference between the BIIIG Stiiizy and the original are in the name: its much bigger. The battery has a capacity of 550mAh, which means bigger hits and longer lasting battery life. The starter kit also comes with a charger just like the original. This design, although bulkier, boasts some serious power and blows the original starter kit out of the water.

The BIIIG Stiiizy doesn’t have any issues with air leakage in the connection between the battery and cartridge. The newer, stronger magnet audibly clicks into place and accepts the cartridge. I don’t have to hold it any particular way to hit it properly. The clouds were massive, and the rips were consistent.

Charging every night is a thing of the past with the improved starter kit. Even with regular use throughout the day, the battery life lasts a long time and requires about half the original starter kit’s charging time. Although the BIIIG Stiiizy is 2-3 times bigger than the original, it’s still compact enough to fit comfortably in a pocket or bag.


For the consumer looking for the best option when it comes to THC vaping starter kits and cartridges/pods, etc., the best choice is the BIIIG Stiiizy. It’s just too obviously better than the original in a number of ways. If you want a long-lasting battery life and a high quality product that will last more than two weeks, the BIIIG Stiiizy is the only way to go.

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