The final season of Game of Thrones has me feeling some type of way, but the shock of seeing someone beloved get axed in the face is always a little easier after smoking a few bowls. I still drop my jaw to the floor, but I definitely need weed to get through it. In honor of this painful and beloved fantasy coming to what will undoubtedly be a stressful end, here are my favorite Game of Thrones women (at least, most of the women even still alive heading into Season 8) as strains of cannabis.

Daenarys Targaryen would be… Dragon Berry. The name obviously relates, because dragons have some extremely distinctive qualities that make them so. And the Mother of Dragons is no exception. Dragon Berry is an uncommon sativa heavy hybrid with a delicious flavor profile. The berry is noticeably sweet but also backed by a piney freshness. The high hits surprisingly hard for such a palatable taste, providing a cerebral, pensive high. Its effects induce alertness, motivation, presence, and able to take on seemingly insurmountable tasks. Like Dany herself, the “last” (ahem) Targaryen, rare and beautiful, appearing harmless and sweet to most. Then BOOM, she blows up a Dothraki council and emerges victorious from the flames! She hits hard, and is able to get almost anything done, a fitting strain for the Khaleesi.

Cersei Lannister would be… Headband. This hybrid is described as smooth and creamy, with a background taste of yellow lemons, and powerful diesel. Headband is powerful, more potent than many would expect upon first encountering it, then finding it to overtake the body into relaxation. It gets its name from a pressure sensed around the head, as if wearing a band. It is recommended this strain be given time to take effect, being gradual at work. Cersei’s crown weighs heavy on her head, and although doubted and unseen in her manipulation of events to her end, she has controlled the game better than most. Headband will overwhelm you like Cersei would, but with relief of aches and pains, instead of barrels of wildfire.

Arya Stark would be… White Widow. Like Arya’s chosen God of Many Faces, White Widow is known worldwide for its powerful effects. A balanced hybrid that hails from the Netherlands, this strain is a mainstay in the Dutch coffee shop scene, visibly white with crystals. White Widow is known for its euphoria and immediate stimulation for creativity, and making connections. I love this strain for its versatility and action- it’s perfect for when I need to be moving, but want to feel a strong high that will knock down my demons. Arya is a weapon herself, that moves decisively and in any direction. Her skill, strength, and determination to destroy those who have wronged her captures the same essence of White Widow’s malleable effects and fast action toward feeling better.

Sansa Stark would be… Lavender. The indica has been described as powerful, and calming, sometimes described intensifying concentration. Others have been known to be put to sleep by it, and while Sansa once bored me, she has grown on me for her intelligence and resilience. This strain is well recommended for PTSD patients, and alleviating pain. After everything Sansa has experienced and learned from gives her this sense caring and responsibility for her people. Lavender resonates those ideals in its helpful, soothing high.


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